Hippie-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

by Lauren Griffin
A barefoot, hippie bridal shower promises a groovy time for all.

A barefoot, hippie bridal shower promises a groovy time for all.

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Celebrate the hippie ideals of peace, love and happiness with a hippie-themed bridal shower. Even a bride who is not a flower child of the 1960s can appreciate a theme inspired by the beauty of nature, as well as the peaceful aura and good energy of a laid-back hippie-themed bridal shower.


Spread the word about the groovy bridal shower with an invitation that features some hippie-friendly designs. Stick to subdued nature-inspired colors, such as grassy greens, rich browns and ocean blues. Leaves, vines and other natural designs are simple yet beautiful. Paisley and floral patterns are other options that capture the free-spirited aura of a hippie. Be a true tree hugger by sending out the invitations online through email rather than using paper products.


Energize the bridal party room with earthy decorations. Decorate the space with plants and greenery and give the space a natural vibrancy. Cover the table with a calico tablecloth for a feminine yet earthy look. Adorn the tabletop with simple vases filled with freshly picked wildflowers. A plethora of candles scattered across the table will illuminate the room in a warm glow. For the table settings, show off a free spirited side by gathering an eclectic bunch of dishware from a vintage shop.

Food and Beverages

Whip up a menu that features organic foods and fresh produce harvested from local area gardens. Simply prepared free-range chicken with roasted root vegetables will be sure to please the hippies in attendance. Serve a vegetarian option, too, such as a pasta dish topped with homemade pesto. For desserts, make all-natural cupcakes with applesauce for a healthier alternative to cake. Yogurt parfaits made with organic yogurt, fresh fruit and crunchy granola provide another healthy, hippie-style snack.


Along with the traditional activities of a bridal shower, such as opening presents and eating delicious food, the women can embrace hippie ideals by completing some "out-of-sight" eco-friendly crafts. Set up a hippie work environment by lighting some candles and incense and playing some music, from calming native flute to the Grateful Dead. Let the attendants show off their green thumbs and eye for beauty by creating lush terrariums out of old glass containers, soil and plants. Alternatively, pack together fragrant herbs, flower petals, citrus peels, dried berries and other items to make sachets of potpourri.

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