Hippie Party Games for Kids

by Lisa Finn Google

The hippie era was about discovering new music, creating happy memories and spreading love. Children naturally share a desire for these things, so it is no wonder that a groovy, hippie-themed birthday party is appealing to even the tiniest tyke. Children can get into the groove of another generation by dressing up, playing games and having tons of fun. No whining allowed at this party...it is peace and smiley faces at every turn!


Give everyone a sheet of paper with 40 first names. Make 20 of those names from the hippie era and the rest common names. For example, Liberty, Crystal, Rain, Summer, Canyon, Phoenix, Daisy, Jude, Willow, Jewel and Violet would be considered hippie names, and Adam, Tracy, Olivia, Timothy, Martha and Nicholas would not be. Hand out pencils and instruct the children to circle which names they think are from the '60s generation. Or have a costume parade and see who is sporting the most hippie gear such as flower clothing, bell bottom pants, tie-dye shirts, flowing dresses, headbands and hemp jewelry. The best guesser and dresser at these games gets a pair of flip flops or a silver peace charm.

On the Move

Have a dance contest while playing '60s tunes from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin. When the music is on, the children show their best dance moves. When it turns off, they must freeze and, whoever moves, sits down. The last remaining dancer wins. Or, hide tons of rainbow bead bracelets, heart-shaped lollipops, peace key chains, bandanas and tattoos, in your backyard or throughout the house. Give children a bag and three minutes to find the goodies. The child with the most loot wins a prize; however, every child gets to keep her bag.

Popular Games

Give each child a homemade bingo board and game markers. Make different boards featuring the same hippie symbols -- such as a peace sign, happy face, beads and a daisy -- in each square and explain the rules of bingo. Or, play "pin the smile on the hippie-chick's face" or "pin the happy face on the groovy guy's vest." Draw the face or the vest on a large poster board. Blindfold each child and give him either a mouth-shaped or happy face sticker. Whoever gets closest to the outlined area wins.

Continuous Play

Place a hippie-themed sticker on each child as they walk in the door. Tell the child that whenever she hears the word hippie, she is able to take that person's sticker and put it on herself. The guest who wins will have the most stickers on her clothes at the end of the party. Or, place a large jar filled with '60s-themed trinkets in the middle of a table. Use this as your table centerpiece and, at the end of the party, have party-goers write down the number of items they think are in the jar. The winner gets to keep 10 of the items.

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