Hilarious Games for a Baby Shower

by Chelsea Fitzgerald
Silly games are an expected ritual at baby showers.

Silly games are an expected ritual at baby showers.

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Baby showers are full of hope that only a new life and a brand new beginning brings into the world. Playing hilarious games is a wise way to ensure the mom-to-be and the guests reap some belly laughs from the experience. Often, the new mom feels as huge as an elephant and any guests who have experienced pregnancy can relate to the emotions and anxieties of becoming a mother. Levity keeps the experience in perspective.

Baby Food Critic

Wrap opened baby food jars with foil so the guests cannot see the label. Label the jars with numbers one through eight. Have each guest drop a spoonful of each food onto her paper plate. The guests return to their seats, perform the taste test and write down the guesses on an index card. Vary the type of food such as peas, beets, chicken, apples or another type of dessert. Have a camera ready because the nutritious baby food may result in some horrific faces on the taste testers. Once everyone has written down their guesses on the index cards, tally them up to see who has the most correct answers. Present the winner of the food tasting with a small gift.

Bulging Bellies

Instruct the guests on their invitations to arrive wearing a pillow stuffed under their outfit. This makes the mom-to-be feel right at home and creates hysterical pictures when everyone gathers into a group. When it is time to reveal the presents, have each party attendee step into a room and replace her pillow with her gift. The mom-to-be has to pat, squeeze and feel the guest's belly to determine the identity of the present. This is even more comical if men are guests at the baby shower as well.

Sperm Game

This game is similar to pin the tail on the donkey. Ask someone who is artistic to draw an outline of the female reproductive system on a sheet of paper and color it in. Tape it to the wall. Another option is to print a uterus diagram off a computer. Draw an oval shape to represent the egg in the uterus. Place a miniature picture of the mom-to-be on the oval shape and tape it to the poster board. Blindfold a guest with a baby blanket and give her a sticker with the word "sperm" written on it or a picture of the father of the baby. Spin the guest around with her sticker in hand. Instruct her to get the "sperm" as close as possible to the egg. Allow each party attendee to take a turn. Whoever gets the "sperm" closest the egg wins a prize. Holding the "sperm" and getting it in the right position on the uterus is often embarrassing and side-splitting.

Don't Say 'Baby' Game

Give each party guest a necklace made of a long piece of yarn or twine tied together at the ends. Add five or six safety pins to each person's necklace. The goal of the game is to not use the word "baby" in your conversations. The guests can say "infant," "child" and other descriptive words, just not "baby." The challenge is to catch someone saying the forbidden word. If you succeed, that person who said it has to give you one of her safety pins. This is quite comical since it is difficult to avoid saying "baby" when that is the main topic of the event. At the end of the baby shower, the person with the most baby pins is the winner.

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