Hilarious Bridal Shower Games

by Rebekah Martin
Plan fun games so your shower isn't boring.

Plan fun games so your shower isn't boring.

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Celebrating a friend or family member's wedding can be a fun event. Make the bridal shower memorable by playing games that will keep the guests laughing all the way home. Some of these games work better when the guests are all younger; grandma might not laugh too much at sexy or raunchy jokes.

Toilet Paper Dress

This game is a classic, but still funny. Purchase a large package of toilet paper for this game. If you prefer, you can also use tissue-paper streamers. Divide the party up into groups of four or five people. The object of the game is to make a wedding dress on one person in each group; the group with the best dress wins a prize. The bride should not participate; instead, make her the judge of the dresses. As an alternative, provide stacks of newspaper, tape and scissors to team members; they can act as designers and make a dress.

The Word Game

This isn't officially a game, but it is one of the most hilarious things you can do at a bridal shower. While the bride is opening her gifts, have someone discreetly write down her first reaction to every gift she opens. This works really well if it is a lingerie shower, although any type of gift will work. Once the gifts are all open and everyone is sitting around, pull out the list. Announce that these are some of the things the bride will say on her honeymoon night when she is with her new husband. Proceed to read the list; things like "What is this?," "How do I use this?," and "It's so beautiful!" are big hits.

Wedding Couple Questions

This game requires a little advanced planning. Before the shower, contact the groom and ask him 10 to 20 questions about himself and the bride. Write down the answers. Sample questions might include where the bride and groom met, where they first kissed, the groom's favorite song, the bride's most annoying habit, etc. Get creative; the more off-the-wall, the better. During the shower, ask the bride to answer the same questions. For example, if you asked the groom what the bride's most annoying habit is, ask her what she thinks he answered. She may not consider it annoying, but she knows he does. See how many they get the same.

Adult "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"

This game is a favorite and can lead to some good laughs. Purchase a poster of a hot guy and tape it to the wall. If you can get a picture of the bride's favorite actor, preferably without a shirt on, even better. Blindfold the guests and have them apply bright red lipstick. The goal of the game is to kiss the poster boy as close to his lips as possible. Write each guest's name next to her mark so you know where she kissed. This game can be especially funny after a few glasses of wine.

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