Hiking in Tallulah Gorge, Georgia

by Corr S. Pondent

Tallulah Gorge, in Georgia’s Tallulah Gorge State Park, offers hikers a number of scenic trails at varying levels of difficulty. Tallulah Gorge is an area that is two miles long and about 1,000 feet deep. Choose to hike the rim trails that lead to scenic overlooks or, if you’re more adventurous, you could hike to the gorge floor. If you choose the latter course, you will need a permit, available for free, of which the park only issues 100 a day.

Stoneplace Trail

This road-bed trail, which the park rates as moderate to difficult, offers a roundtrip hike of about 10 miles, including a 1.5-mile loop. You will need a permit to hike on this trail, and the park also allows mountain bikers on the trail. The park recommends that hikers wear clothes of a bright color when undertaking the trail during the hunting season.

Rim Trails

Tallulah Gorge’s North and South Rim trails offer a total roundtrip hike of three miles which you can undertake in about two hours. The North Rim trail offers five scenic overlooks, including a southern view of the gorge and a view of L’Eau d’Or falls. The South Rim trail also offers five scenic overlooks, including views of Tempesta Falls, Caledonia Cascade and Hurricane Falls.

Hurricane Falls Trail

If you decide to undertake a hike on the Hurricane Falls Loop Trail, on which you cannot take pets, you could take a staircase to the gorge floor. There is a suspension bridge above Hurricane Falls that offers scenic views. There is also a viewing platform at the falls. The park doesn’t encourage people who have health problems to try this trail.

Guided Hikes

For those who prefer a structured experience and direction from a guide, the park also offers a few guided hikes for a fee ranging from $5 to $10. You will also pay a $5 parking fee. If you are looking for a vigorous hike, you could try the “Holiday Gorge Floor Hike” that involves hiking the rims and also the river. The park advises that this is a strenuous hike. There is also a “Historical Rock Hike” during which you will find out about the gorge’s rock formations.