Hiking in Black Mountain, NV

by Shelly Barclay

Black Mountain is a 5,092-foot peak in Henderson, Nevada. Its name comes from the black lava cliffs on the east side of the mountain. The mountain is in the Mojave Desert, so hiking is best in the mornings or in the cooler winter months. The area is highly populated, as it is near Las Vegas. However, there is sufficient hiking on the mountain, though parking poses a problem, according to summitpost.org.

Northwest Ridge Trail

The Northwest Ridge Trail is roughly three miles long and is a Class 2 trail, making it the least difficult climb up Black Mountain. A shovel marks the start of this trail a little more than half a mile from the nearest parking lot on Shadow Canyon Drive. There are rocks and vegetation along the trail. Getting around them may require some maneuvering. The trail gets steep near the top, where there are views of the surrounding mountains.

North Ridge

This route begins at the bottom of the North Ridge. This hiking is more difficult than the Northwest Ridge trail and there are boulders that hikers must get around to continue up the mountain. Hikers have to make their own way up this area of the mountain because there is no trail there. It is advisable to wear cool clothing and hiking boots and bring plenty of water when hiking the North Ridge of Black Mountain.

Black Mountain Trail

To get to the Black Mountain Trail, start at the River Mountain Hiking Trail in Boulder City off Highway 93. From there, hike until you get to the crest. At the crest, there is a trail leading off to the right. That trail is the Black Mountain Trail, which leads to the Black Mountain Overlook. The overlook has views of Boulder City and the canyon the trail leads through to get there.

Preparing to Hike

Hiking in the Mojave Desert can be dangerous, no matter how populated the area is. The heat can dehydrate hikers, so bring half a gallon of water per person for day hikes. Try to hike in groups and always tell someone where you are going, what trails you are taking and how long you plan to be gone. Wear pants, sunblock, a hat and sunglasses. If you are unsure how long the hike will take, bring a flashlight. First aid and food are also advisable. Carry all of this in a two shoulder strap backpack.

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