High-Speed Internet in Southern California

by Daniel Francis
Several companies offer high speed Internet service in Southern California

Several companies offer high speed Internet service in Southern California

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California is the most populous state in the country, so providing quality Internet connections is a top priority. Southern California includes the major cities of Los Angeles and San Diego. Heavily populated Orange County lies between those two cities as does Long Beach. There are also population centers in the eastern portion of Southern California like San Bernardino and Palm Springs. Many companies offer high speed Internet access to consumers in these areas.

Types of Service

For high speed Internet in Southern California, providers list cable, DSL (digital subscriber line), wireless and satellite. Cable connects your computer through a modem to cable television lines. Estimated speed on cable is 50 mbps (millions of bits per second). DSL runs at speeds up to 20 mbps over your telephone line. For wireless Internet, your computer connects to local wireless towers through a modem or card. Wireless runs up to 1.5 mbps. Satellite wireless connects via a dish at 400 kbps and may be the best option for rural areas.


Several providers offer high speed Internet service across California. According to HighSpeedInternet.com, an online comparison of service providers, the list includes AT&T;, Comcast Cable, Cox Communications, Hughes Network Systems, Mediacom Communications Corporation, Optimum Online, Qwest Communications, Road Runner, Verizon Internet Services, Wildblue Communications and Windstrean Communications. Average rates of upload range from 0.06 mbps to 3.31 mbps. Download speeds go from one mbps to 14.5 mbps.

Mobile Broadband

Many consumers now require high speed Internet connections outside their homes. Laptops and cellular phones offer mobility for consumers who use the Internet and require high speed connections. If you are a laptop user who wants high speed access through a wireless network, you can purchase a wireless adapter. The adapter connects through a USB port on your laptop and gives you high speed access without looking for a Wi-Fi signal. USB wireless adapters and service plans are available from many wireless companies. You also upgrade your cell phone to a smartphone with high speed access to the Internet over a wireless network.

T1 Lines for Businesses

Perhaps the fastest way to access the Internet is through a dedicated line known as a T1 line. This technology is the common connection for corporations to connect at high speeds to the Internet. Some service providers offer this service to small businesses and home businesses in Southern California. A T1 line is significantly more expensive than other high speed Internet options. T1 lines are also regulated by the government in a different way than cable, DSL, satellite or wireless.

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