High-Speed Internet in Robinson, TX

by Joe McElroy
Residents of Robinson, Texas, have many options for high speed Internet.

Residents of Robinson, Texas, have many options for high speed Internet.

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Robinson is a central Texas city just south of Waco along Interstate 35. Residents have a wide range of options for high-speed Internet service, including cable, DSL, satellite and mobile wireless plans. Best rates often come through the practice of bundling, or including Internet service in a package with home telephone or home television service.

Time Warner

Robinson is served by Time Warner Cable, which offers Road Runner cable-based high speed Internet. Time Warner also offers digital cable television and digital home phone service, so the best deals are usually received through bundling these services. Road Runner provides email accounts with service and a complimentary security suite to protect your computer from online threats.


AT&T; offers home phone service in Robinson. Digital subscriber line, or DSL, high-speed Internet is available to its customers. DSL uses existing phone lines to connect to the Internet without disrupting landline service. AT&T; also offers mobile wireless broadband, which utilizes a device that attaches to a USB port and connects to the internet through cellular towers. The advantage is that it can be used anywhere there is a strong signal. The disadvantages are that it is pricey and can be a problem if you spend much time in an area with a weak cellular signal.


HughesNet offers satellite-based high-speed Internet and has three packages available in Robinson. Activation requires installation of a satellite dish. The speeds at which you can download and browse can be inhibited by certain obstructions, such as in heavily wooded areas. On the upside, the dish can be installed anywhere, including spots not served by traditional cable or DSL lines. On the downside, the service is pricey and there is a daily limit to the amount you can download.

Clear Wire

Clear Wire is a company that specializes in mobile broadband and home wireless telephone service. It has complete coverage in most of Robinson, but several spots to the south remain spotty. The advantage of mobile broadband is that you can carry your laptop and connect to the internet any place where there is a strong signal. The company has expanded rapidly and aggressively in the mobile broadband market.

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