High-Speed Internet in Rexburg, Idaho

by Elle Di Jensen

Once a rural farming community, Rexburg, Idaho, has been growing in recent years. It isn't one of the larger cities in the state, but a population count in 2009 came in at 28,856 -- up 67 percent since 2000. With the city's growth has come all of the technological advantages of larger, urban areas. Anyone living in Rexburg not only has access to high-speed Internet services, but has a number of providers to choose from.


Qwest has provided phone service to the Rexburg, Idaho, area for decades. It now provides high-speed Internet service to the residents of Rexburg. Qwest offers four different Internet speeds, with the prices increasing incrementally with the speed packages. The choice of different speeds is an option providing customers the ability to pay only for what they want in an Internet service. Also, since Qwest has other services, like phone and long distance, you can get a break on the total pricing if you bundle your services together.


HughesNet has brought its satellite services to Idaho. Some areas of Rexburg are still rural and might not have cable or phone access that would also provide an Internet service. Satellite is perfect for those customers, and many times installation can be scheduled immediately. HughesNet is just one of the satellite companies servicing Rexburg. An Internet search will pull up other provider names, such as DISH Network and Direct TV.


Verizon is expanding its services into more areas than just cell phones. Although mobile phones are surely the first thing you think of when you hear the company's name, Verizon offers high-speed Internet services perfect for areas such as Rexburg, where cable and phone services might not extend to all corners of the community. Verizon offers two different high-speed Internet packages to the Rexburg area with price-lock guarantees for people signing a long-term contract with them. Verizon is definitely the forerunner in the race to add Internet to existing services, but it is worth it to shop around to find out whether other mobile phone companies in the vicinity offer or will be adding Internet to their list of services.


Cable One is the local cable television provider in the Rexburg area. As with other utility companies, it has expanded the services it provides to customers over the recent years. Cable One now offers phone and high-speed Internet to any customer who is within its servicing area, which includes all of the city of Rexburg as well as some of the outlying area. Just like other multiple service providers, Cable One will discount pricing if you bundle your Internet together with its phone and/or cable services.