High-Speed Internet Providers in Worton, Maryland

by David Ferris

Not too long ago, having Internet access at home was regarded as a luxury. Today, it's a necessity for many people who depend on the Internet for news, interpersonal communication, work and entertainment. High-speed Internet has changed the cyber landscape as well by enabling users to perform high-bandwidth activities like streaming video. Residents of Worton, Maryland have several options for Internet service.


WildBlue is a local competitor to the big, national names in Internet service. WildBlue provides satellite Internet service at speeds of up to 30 Mbps. Users must install a satellite mini-dish to use the service. WildBlue offers three different high-speed Internet packages that vary in price and scope.


Comcast offers cable broadband Internet to subscribers in Worton. Customers can also purchase "PowerBoost" to enhance their download and surfing speeds. Internet service comes with a "comprehensive security suite" and multiple email accounts. Users can also bundle their Internet service with a cable TV and phone package.


Verizon is another cable Internet company providing service in the Worton area. Verizon also offers bundled packages in combination with phone and TV service. Its fiber-optic network facilitates super-fast data transmission. Users can also access Verizon's 24-hour technical support and receive email and website-building services with their subscriptions.


CenturyLink offers both broadband and local phone service, but you don't have to sign up for phone service if you just want Internet. Speeds range from 768 Kbps to 10 Mbps. A CenturyLink Internet subscription also includes security features, customized "add-ons" and PC tune-up software.