High-Speed Internet Providers in Aromas, CA

by Matthew Michael
HughesNet is the only Internet provider that serves Aromas, California.

HughesNet is the only Internet provider that serves Aromas, California.

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Aromas, California, is a small community of 2,600 that straddles Monterey and San Benitos counties. Residents looking for high-speed Internet service must use HughesNet, a satellite Internet provider that serves rural areas. HughesNet offers three different packages of varying speeds and prices to fit residents' needs and budgets.


HughesNet's basic package offers a 1 Mbps maximum download speed, coupled with a 200 Kbps maximum upload speed. The package comes with five email accounts and a 200 Mb daily download allowance, which limits the amount of data you can take from the Internet in a 24-hour period. The package also comes with free access to HughesNet's 24/7 customer service support line. The basic package retails for $60 a month at the time of publication, though discounts may be available.

Power 150

HughesNet's Power 150 package comes with a 1.5 Mbps maximum download speed and a 250 Kbps maximum upload speed. Like the basic package, the Power 150 comes with five user email counts and offers access to HughesNet's 24/7 customer support line. The Power 150 comes with a higher daily download allowance (300 Mb) than the basic package. The Power 150 retails for a monthly rate of $80 at the time of publication, though discounts are available.

Power 200

The Power 200 package offers HughesNet's fastest service, but also retails for the highest price. The package comes with a maximum download speed of 2 Mbps and a maximum upload speed of 300 Kbps. The package offers 10 user email accounts and access to the company's 24/7 customer support line. The Power 200 packages offers users a daily download allowance of 400 Mb and retails for $110 a month before discounts at the time of publication.

Terms and Conditions

All three of HughesNet's Internet packages require a two-year contract. If you need to cancel service before your contract is up, you will be subject to a cancellation fee of up to $400. The cancellation fee will not apply if you cancel your service within 30 days of activation, but you will forfeit any installation costs. The company also allows you the option of leasing or purchasing their equipment, though prices will vary.

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