High-Speed Internet in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

by Michelle Strockbine

High-speed Internet connections are typically referred to as broadband. Broadband Internet connections may run through an existing phone or cable line, without disrupting service, cellular phone provider, with network speeds of 3G or 4G, wireless radio towers or satellite. In Oklahoma City, high-speed internet providers include OKC Braodband, AT&T;, Cox and Cricket.

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OKC Broadband

OKC Broadband offers high-speed internet through T-1 lines that use an existing phone line for faster internet than traditional dial-up. T-1, which is also referred to as DS1, is similar to DSL internet, which runs through a phone or cable line. OKC broadband packages start at $49.95 per month and range upwards to $99.95 per month, with speeds of up to 15 megabits per second with its diamond package and 5.1 megabits per second with its gold package.


AT&T; offers high-speed internet access to Oklahoma City residents through DSL, with or without a home phone, U-verse and satellite. DSL plans start at $14.95 per month when combined with a home phone and range upwards to $24.95 per month without a home phone. U-verse, which offers speed up to 24 megabits per second, ranges in price from $38 to $63 per month. AT&T; satellite internet, which is provided by Wild Blue, offers packages from $54.95 per month and range upwards to $79.95 per month.


Cox Oklahoma is part of the national Cox chain, which has locations in larger cities across the nation. Cox broadband internet connects through a cable modem and offers speeds of up to 55 megabits per second with its most expensive package and 15 megabits per second with its essential package. Starter plans begin at $22.99 per month with the purchase of Cox phone service and range upwards to $99 per month for their ultimate package.


Cricket Wireless is a cellular phone company with several locations throughout Oklahoma City, OK. Its 3G network offers download speeds of up to 1.4 megabits per second. Data plans start at $40 per month for basic and range up to $60 per month for premium. Cricket offers wireless modems that may be connected to an individual computer and Wi-Fi modems that run multiple devices simultaneously. Modems start at $89.99 and range upwards to $149.99.

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