High-Speed Internet in NYC

by Iam Jaebi
Cable Internet is provided by Time Warner and Optimum Online in New York City.

Cable Internet is provided by Time Warner and Optimum Online in New York City.

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New Yorkers have several options for high-speed Internet at home, two of which are provided by large cable companies. In addition to cable-based Internet, there are the newer options of fiber optic and wireless Internet as well as a DSL-based technology. Not all high-speed Internet options are available to all New York City residents as certain services are only available in specific areas.

Road Runner

Road Runner (roadrunneroffers.com) is a high-speed Internet service provided by Time Warner. The principal service uses cable to deliver Internet access but DSL is also an option for some customers. Road Runner is available to residents in the Bronx, Manhattan and parts of Queens, and can be bundled with additional services such as cable-based phone service and cable television. At the time of publication, Road Runner Internet costs $50 a month.


Cablevision is a direct competitor to Time Warner for cable-based Internet in the New York City area. The company's home cabled services are branded Optimum, which represents a family of services including home phone, television and high-speed Internet. Optimum Online, the high-speed Internet component is available to residents in parts of Queens and the entire borough of Brooklyn and Staten Island. At the time of publication, Optimum Online (optimum.com/online), costs $50 per month.


The Verizon phone company (Verizon.com) offers several technologies that provide New Yorkers high-speed Internet. The type that is available to you is based on your home location. The newest offering the company has advertised (as of June 2011) is Verizon FiOS, which utilizes high speed fiber optic technology, which is theoretically faster than cable and DSL with download speeds of up to 50 megabits per second. If FiOS isn't available in your area yet, DSL from Verizon is an option. Prices for Verizon high speed Internet range from $35 to $50.


Clear (clear.com) began offering its wireless high-speed Internet services to New Yorkers in the final quarter of 2010. The company provides several options to get your devices online, including a USB powered hotspot device, a battery powered mobile hotspot and wireless receivers design for home usage. The company's Internet is based on 3G and 4G technology, the same standards that are used to provide Internet browsing capabilities to mobile phones. At the time of publication, prices for Clear Internet start at $35 per month.

Public Internet

New York City has a growing number of areas that are connected for free high-speed wireless Internet. Several New York City parks offer free Internet access points for mobile devices. Cafes and coffee shops offer free Internet access as a way to lure customers to enjoy its products and services longer. At the time of publication, the Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) neighborhood in Brooklyn became the first New York City neighborhood to be connected for wireless Internet access, allowing anyone in the area to get online access for free.

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