High-Speed Internet in Murphy, Idaho

by Joe McElroy
Many high speed Internet options exist for residents of Murphy, Idaho.

Many high speed Internet options exist for residents of Murphy, Idaho.

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Though it is rurally seated in far Southwestern Idaho, Murphy has a host of options for connecting to high speed Internet. Murphy is an unincorporated area in Owyhee County. It has access to high speed Internet via cable, digital subscriber lines (DSL) and satellite-based options, as well as a host of small local providers because of its proximity to Boise.


The cable television provider for Murphy is Cable One. The company offers two packages for stand-alone high speed Internet service. The standard package offers a speed of five megabits per second, or Mbps. An economy package offers speed of 1.5 Mbps, which is the minimum speed for downloading large movie or music files. You can get significant discounts by bundling television, phone and Internet services into one package with Cable One. The standard Cable One high-speed Internet package offers speed of 5 Mbps.


Most providers of home telephone service offer DSL-based High-Speed Internet. A DSL system works through your phone line without interrupting or interfering with normal telephone service. You can usually get a discount on Internet service when you bundle your home phone along with Internet. While DSL can theoretically offer speeds comparable to cable systems, it is limited by the capacity of the home telephone line in your house. Even so, DSL is fast enough to effectively download movies and large music files. In Murphy, AT&T; offers five different levels of DSL internet download speeds, from three Mbps to 24 Mbps. Verizon offers DSL-based Internet of speeds ranging up to 15 Mbps.


Dish Network offers satellite-based high speed Internet. You can take advantage of bundling discounts by ordering television, phone and Internet service through Dish Network. DirecTV is affiliated with WildBlue, which offers satellite-based High-Speed Internet anywhere in the country. Satellite-based high speed Internet has the advantage of being available anywhere, but the speeds are more limited than cable and DSL options. Satellite-based high speed Internet tends to be an expensive option, which is why both Dish and DirecTV partner with local providers to give DSL service when possible.

Local Brokers

Boise High Speed Internet is a broker that refers residents of Murphy and surrounding areas to a multitude of small local Internet service providers. Brokers generally work with small businesses that have special networking needs and helps match the customer to an independent provider that matches those needs. Each provider has different terms and systems. Some of the smaller providers sometimes offer substantial discounts over the major, established companies. Before signing with a small provider, you should check references on customer service history and any problems with service disruptions.

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