High-Speed Internet in Lesterville, South Dakota

by Josh Patrick
High-speed Internet overcomes geographical and cultural barriers.

High-speed Internet overcomes geographical and cultural barriers.

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Fewer than 200 make their home in Lesterville, South Dakota. Despite such a small population, residents of Lesterville have several options for bringing the convenience of high-speed Internet into their homes. Because of its rural location, wireless and satellite high-speed Internet providers have more presence in Lesterville than they do in some larger communities.


DataConnect plans from AT&T; allow users to access high-speed Internet through a cell phone network. Each plan has a different monthly download limit, ranging from 3GB to 5GB. Exceeding the monthly limit will result in overage charges. Prepaid, also known as "pay as you go," plans are available. These incur no activation fees or overage charges. Customers interested in DataConnect must purchase either a USB modem or a handheld device capable or receiving cellular data signals, such as an Apple iPad or tablet computer.

Bon Homme Yankton Electric

Lesterville's local electric cooperative, Bon Homme Yankton, sells wireless and satellite Internet packages. The wireless packages are available for both residential and business customers. New subscribers must pay an installation fee. Download speeds over the wireless connection range from 512Kbps up to 1.5Mbps. WildBlue provides satellite Internet service for Bon Homme Yankton Electric customers. There are no start-up costs associated with WildBlue service, and packages vary in speed from 512Kbps to 1.5Mbps.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon offers several mobile broadband packages for accessing the Internet over 3G and 4G networks. Subscribers need a device capable of sending and receiving cellular data signals, such as a smart phone or tablet computer. USB modems are available for laptops and desktops. Verizon's packages are organized by data allowance, with more expensive plans permitting up to 10GB of monthly usage. Overage charges apply when a subscriber exceeds their monthly allowance.


HughesNet provides satellite Internet service across the United States, but is especially visible in a rural market like Lesterville, South Dakota. HughesNet provides three distinct service packages. The Basic package offers download speeds up to 1Mbps and daily download allowance of 200MB. The Power 200 Package is the premium choice, with download speeds of 2Mbps and a download limit of 400MB. All subscribers receive five or more personal email accounts and live technical support.

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