High-Speed Internet in La Porte City, Iowa

by William Jensen

In northeastern Iowa's La Porte City, there are fewer options for high-speed Internet than in some larger cities. However, a moderately wide selection of services is available locally. Each option offers certain advantages with regard to availability, download speeds, cost and security. For one reason or another, most homes and businesses can't gain access to all of these high-speed Internet options, but at least one type of service is available to just about everyone.


The area's cable TV provider delivers one option for high-speed Internet access in La Porte City, Iowa. Mediacom (mediacomcable.tv) offers Internet service with personal Web hosting space, 24-hour customer support and 11 email addresses maximum included. It provides a top speed of 12 megabits per second. As of July 2011, monthly prices begin at $20. Mediacom also sells a cable TV, Internet and telephone package for just under $90 per month.


Copper.Net indicates that it offers DSL high-speed Internet access in La Porte City, Iowa. However, availability may vary in your area. When you purchase its DSL service, the company includes five email addresses and a spare dial-up account with limited hours. Speeds reach as high as 6Mbps. Prices start at $20 per month, as of July 2011. La Porte City Telephone Company (lpctel.com) also provides local DSL service. Along with the usual benefits of DSL, it includes 24-hour customer assistance.


Multiple satellite Internet providers offer service throughout La Porte City, except where trees or buildings block sufficient access to the sky. WildBlue (wildblue.com) indicates that almost anyone in La Porte City can use its high-speed Internet access. However, the southern sky must be unobstructed to exchange data with WildBlue's communications satellite. Speeds vary from about 0.5 to 1.5Mbps, depending upon the package you select. Prices range from just under $50 to nearly $80 monthly, not including setup fees and equipment costs, as of July 2011.


If you can't afford a high-speed Internet connection or the computer equipment required to use it, consider accessing the Internet at the local Hawkins Memorial Library. The library provides two Internet-connected computers that the public can use at no cost. Other public institutions and businesses near La Porte City may provide free or paid Internet access as well, including restaurants, motels, universities and coffee shops.

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