High-Speed Internet in Green Bay, Wisconsin

by Tonya Whitaker

There are a number of high-speed Internet providers in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Some are well-known providers, while others are lesser known. Internet providers in the area include Charter Cable, Comcast Cable, HughesNet Satellite Internet and Time Warner. These companies offer high-speed Internet with various connections speeds and pricing.

Charter Internet

Charter Internet offers five types of high-speed Internet: Lite, Express, Plus, Max and Ultra to Green Bay customers. As of June 2011, Internet services packages start at $20. Each plan fits a different need for your Web surfing experience. For instance, customers who download movies and music or play online games can purchase at least the Plus plan. It includes download speed up to 18 megabits per second. In addition, PowerBoost is available on Express, Plus, Max and Ultra plans for faster downloads.

Time Warner

Time Warner offers Road Runner high-speed Internet for residents in Green Bay. Road Runner is triple the speed of DSL and up to 100 times faster than dial-up. The end result is fast music and photo downloads, hassle-free Web surfing and the ability to watch movies online without buffering. Added features with Road Runner include parental controls, free Internet security software to protect your computer from viruses and Web access to your email.


Comcast Digital Cable offers high-speed Internet in Green Bay for the price of $20 a month, as of June 2011. The Internet provider offers speeds of 12Mbps to 20Mbps on its High Speed plans. Its High Speed Internet also comes with features such as PowerBoost for faster downloads and an intensive security system to keep your family safe while on the Internet. Comcast also allows you to stream high-definition videos and download large files without buffering or interruptions.

HughesNet Satellite Internet

HughesNet is powered by satellite, so the provider has a broader range of service capabilities. Green Bay residents can experience Internet service with download speeds up to 2Mbps with HughesNet's Power 200 High Speed package. The company's service isn't as fast as many other high-speed Internet Service Providers, but it has connection capabilities in places where cable or broadband Internet isn't available. As of June 2011, HughesNet services are available for $60 a month for the basic package, $80 for the Power 150 package and $110 a month for the Power 200 package.

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