High-Speed Internet for Carmel, IN

by Mary Burgess

Carmel is located north of Indianapolis in Indiana's Hamilton County. For high-speed Internet service, residents choose between two companies that offer satellite service and three others that offer DSL service. WildBlue and HughesNet offer satellite Internet service. WildBlue requires that you lease the equipment. HughesNet lets you choose between leasing or purchasing the equipment. Both send a professional to install the equipment for you. AT&T; and Time Warner Cable provide DSL service. Speeds are nearly the same. AT&T; service includes Wi-Fi. Copper.net provides DSL service to some addresses in Carmel.

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AT&T; provides high-speed DSL Internet service to Carmel. Downstream speeds are 768 Kbps to 6 Mbps. Speeds are from 13 times to 100 times faster than dial-up Internet service. Basic Wi-Fi service lets you connect your laptop to an AT&T; hot spot when you are within 150 feet of it. AT&T; DSL Internet service includes smart controls that you can use to block websites, stop spam and control how much time your children are online.


WildBlue provides high-speed satellite Internet service to Carmel. Download speeds are from 512 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps. Upload speeds are from 128 Kbps to 256 Kbps. File transfer speeds are up to 30 times faster than file transfer speeds of dial-up Internet service. Download thresholds are from 7,500 MB to 17,000 MB. Upload thresholds are 2,300 MB to 5,000 MB. WildBlue satellite Internet service includes ant-virus and anti-spyware software, up to 10 email addresses and professional installation of equipment that you will lease from WildBlue -- a 26-inch mini-dish and a mode.


HughesNet provides high-speed satellite Internet service to Carmel. Download speeds are from one Mbps to two Mbps. Upload speeds are from 200 Kbps to 300 Kbps. Download allowance is from 200 MB to 400 MB. You can lease or purchase the equipment, which has a 24-month limited warranty. HughesNet satellite Internet service includes up to 10 email accounts, spam and virus filtering, technical support and professional installation of a satellite antenna and an HN9000 modem.

Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable (timewarner.com) provides Road Runner high-speed DSL Internet service to Carmel. Download speed is seven Mbps. Upload speed is one Mbps. Speeds are up to three times faster than most DSL Internet services and up to 100 times faster than dial-up Internet service. Road Runner DSL Internet service includes security software, anti-virus protection, 10 email accounts, five MB of storage and technical support. PowerBoost that increases speed up to 15 Mbps is optional.


Copper.net (copper.net) provides high-speed DSL Internet service to Carmel, but service is not available at all addresses. Your local phone company has installed Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers, or DSLAM in your area. Availability depends on how close a DSLAM is to your address. Copper.net uses HiSpeed Acceleration technology, which is 19 times faster than dial-up Internet service. However, connection speeds vary within the local area. Copper.net DSL Internet service includes 5 email accounts, 30 hours of backup dial-up access and technical support.

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