High Speed Internet in White Lake, WI

by Allison Lyndsay
Satellite is a reliable way to provide high speed Internet to residents of White Lake.

Satellite is a reliable way to provide high speed Internet to residents of White Lake.

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White Lake is a rural town in northern Wisconsin, which makes it difficult to get high speed Internet. Several companies have worked around this obstacle by providing high speed Internet connections by satellite. All these companies offer local technical support, email addresses, and effective security software in addition to fast connections.


CenturyLink offers two high speed Internet options: Higher Speed and Blazing Fast. The Higher Speed plan has connection speeds up to 768 Kbps, which is suited for uploading pictures and browsing the Internet. The Blazing Fast connection has speeds up to 10 Mbps and is fast enough to accommodate streaming video and video games. CenturyLink's network is built on fiber optics so you always have your own private connection. There is no shared connection like you would have with cable Internet.

Hughes Net

Hughes Net provides a high speed Internet connection through satellites, which makes it accessible to all White Lake residents. Hughes Net offers three plans: Basic, Power 150, and Power 200. The Basic plan has download speeds up to 1 Mbps. The Power 150 plan has download speeds up to 1.5 Mbps, and the Power 200 plan has speeds up to 2 Mbps. Hughes Net provides you with up to five email addresses, security software and 24/7 technical support.


WildBlue provides the residents of White Lake with high speed Internet through satellite dishes. You will receive a small satellite dish and a modem, which will give you a secure and reliable connection. WildBlue's high-speed Internet has speeds that are thirty times faster than dial-up.


Comcast offers White Lake residents high-speed Internet based on their fiber optic network. Their PowerBoost technology offers download speeds up to 15 Mbps, which is ideal for film buffs and gamers, and is four to eight times faster than DSL. Comcast includes free Security Suite software package and a free customizable Internet portal.

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