High Speed Internet in South Hill, Virginia

by Susan Kerr
South Hill, Virginia, computer users have a few choices of high-speed Internet providers.

South Hill, Virginia, computer users have a few choices of high-speed Internet providers.

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Internet service is as important as electricity, phone and natural gas in many homes. Urban areas enjoy a range of high-speed options from several providers. However, those living in rural areas often find they have few choices. South Hill, Virginia, residents can make do with dial-up's slow speed, but for those who need faster connections and download times, shopping around for a high-speed Internet provider becomes a necessity.


Comcast offers cable broadband services to a few areas of South Hill. The coverage area is determined by a residence's street address. South Hill Internet users who are in Comcast's coverage area can expect top download speeds of 15 Mbps, very desirable for downloading music, video and large files. Cable Internet provides plenty of bandwidth for multi-tasking Internet users. While offered as a stand-alone service, the best price breaks are realized through services bundles that include both TV and Internet.


CenturyLink is the DSL provider in the South Hill area. Like Comcast, CenturyLink's service is not available to the entire area. Coverage is determined by a street address's physical location. There are two tiers of service based on speed. The basic level offers a connection speed of 769 kbps while the higher level provides 10 Mbps. While DSL high-speed Internet is significantly slower than cable or wireless, it still offers more bandwidth than dial-up. Additionally, DSL is an inexpensive option than maintains its speed during peak Web usage.


HughesNet fills the gaps in the South Hill areas that don't have access to either cable of DSL Internet. Dial-up was the only option until HughesNet began offering satellite service. There are three options available. Basic offers a 1.0 Mbps download speed and a 200kbsp upload speed. Next is Power 150 with 1.5 download and 250 kbps upload. The top offering is Power 200 which provides 2 Mbps download and 300 Kbsp upload. The Power 200 is recommended for frequent Internet users. Satellite high-speed Internet is significantly more expensive than the other options, but it may be the only choice for many South Hill residents.


Your specific South Hill street address is the defining factor in choosing high-speed Internet service for your home or business. Unfortunately, the list of providers is short. Comcast and CenturyLink are the most affordable services and offer stable connections. If you live in an area not covered by them, your only choice is HughesNet satellite, which carries a higher price tag. However, if dial-up is just too slow, it may be worth spending the extra money for greater speed.

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