High Speed Internet in the Seattle, Washington Area

by Lawrence Koenig
Seattle has a wide variety of high-speed Internet services to meet your online needs.

Seattle has a wide variety of high-speed Internet services to meet your online needs.

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Seattle is known far and wide as a productive center for the computer software industry. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there is a wide variety of Internet service proivers to connect with in the area. Whether you need an ultra-fast broadband connection or a fixed-point wireless connection service, Seattle broadband companies have what you are looking for.

Cable Companies

The two major suppliers of cable television and broadband services are Comcast and Broadstripe, according to Seattle's Department of Information Technology and Office of Cable Communications. Comcast offers high-speed Internet through a cable modem and broadband connection and services over 170,000 homes in the area. Broadstripe, formerly known as Millennium Digital Media, services 17,000 cable subscribers with cable Internet services available to those who are interested in high-speed cable modem connections. Broadstripe services downtown and Beacon Hill and Queen Anne areas.

High Speed ISP

Several other major national companies offer high-speed ISP services in Seattle, including Verizon Internet services, AT&T; Services, Road Runner -- which is a division of Time-Warner -- and Qwest Communications. All three services offer phone and high-speed Internet services and, in some cases, cable television services as well. These major services also offer cellular, ISP and digital phone packages for your convenience.

Extreme High Speed Providers

For those businesses seeking a high-speed provider that specializes in lightening fast fiber optic connections, consult businesses such as Cortland Communications, Avvanta Communications, Drizzle Internet Northwest, Fidalgo Networking in the Mount Vernon area, Fox communications and for free Internet service, No Charge.com. Several businesses supply T1 and other extremely high Internet service lines.

Future Services

As of the time of publication, the City of Seattle is partnering with Google on an initiative called Fiber to Seattle. The city's Department of Information Technology is spearheading an effort to bring fiber optics to everyone in Seattle. This will allow consumers to download an entire movie or DVD in less than one minute and for doctors to communicate with their patients and other experts in real-time discussions about their patient's health. This will make high-speed ISP available for every citizen of the city and the outlying suburbs.

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