High Speed Internet Options for Burtchville, Michigan

by Bridgette Redman
Burtchville residents wanting to surf the Internet at high speeds have four main options.

Burtchville residents wanting to surf the Internet at high speeds have four main options.

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A small town of less than 4,000 people, Burtchville, Michigan, lies north of Detroit in the state's thumb region. Those who live there don't have quite as many high-speed Internet options as their neighbors to the south in the Detroit suburbs have, but they still have several options. Providers in this region of Michigan offer DSL, cable, satellite and wireless high-speed Internet connections.

DSL High-Speed Internet

DSL high-speed Internet brings service into the home via the telephone line. It is the next step up from dialup and is the point at which access officially becomes "high speed." DSL providers in Burtchville include AT&T; and Charter Communications. Both services offer packages bundling high-speed Internet with other services.

Cable High-Speed Internet

Cable or broadband high-speed Internet access is available on a limited basis in Burtchville. If a home is able to get cable television, it can probably get cable Internet. The major provider in Burtchville is Comcast, with other services including Time Warner, Wow! and Charter Communications. Cable access offers some of the highest speeds available to Burtchville residents with download speeds ranging up to 15 Mbps.

Satellite High-Speed Internet

With satellites hovering overhead and providing coverage to anyone with a view of the southern sky, satellite service is a high-speed Internet option for all of Burtchville, Michigan. Setup costs are higher than other types of service, but access is far wider than other types of service. Satellite companies servicing residents in Burtchville include WildBlue and HughesNet.

Wireless High-Speed Internet

Wireless high-speed Internet has the advantage of going wherever its user goes; however, its use is limited by the transmission of either the satellite or the tower. In Burtchville, tower service is very limited, though it is offered by such companies as Great Lakes Internet, Air Advantage and QiX.net.

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