High Speed Internet for Mount Sterling, Ohio

by Sawyer Howard
High Speed Internet comes in both wired and wireless varieties.

High Speed Internet comes in both wired and wireless varieties.

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There are five options for high speed Internet in the Mount Sterling, Ohio area, including broadband cable, fiber optic, wireless and DSL services. Some of these options are not available in all areas of Mount Sterling, so contacting the Internet providers directly is always necessary before deciding on a carrier.

Verizon Wireless

Known for being the largest mobile phone provider in the U.S., Verizon offers wireless high speed Internet to the Mount Sterling area. Their slowest option, the Power Plan, offers 3 Mbps speed. Their fastest, called FiOS, is a fiber optic connection which can produce download speeds of 30 Mbps. FiOS is the fastest option available for any provider in this region, but it is also a more costly option and may not be available for some rural areas. Verizon does not offer wired high speed access for this area.


Founded in 1963, Comcast is the largest Internet and cable provider in the United States. Comcast offers high speed Internet with a speed of 12-20 Mbps. Comcast's services come with free malware and virus protection and a modem is provided. They also provide cable TV and phone services and give their customers a discount when they subscribe to two or more of these services.


Once a branch of ViaSat, WildBlue is the satellite alternative for the Mount Sterling area. WildBlue covers rural areas that other providers often do not, but since satellite connections rely on an unobscured line of sight between the ground dish and the orbiting satellite, connections may be interrupted in bad weather or if the dish is placed in a bad location, such as under a tree. All Internet subscriptions through WildBlue come with a mini dish that is set up outside the home.


A leader in traditional landline phone service, AT&T; has expanded into the realm of Internet connections. AT&T; offers a 6 Mbps download speed and basic Wi-Fi service that allows customers to connect to mobile Hotspots. Many AT&T; plans require a traditional phone line through AT&T.; A modem is provided. Most AT&T; plans are budget friendly options.

Time Warner Cable

Founded in 1989, Time Warner Cable was created as a merger between three different cable and television companies. Although they were originally owned by Time Warner, Time Warner Cable is no longer affiliated with the company. Time Warner Cable offers Roadrunner turbo service with 10 e-mail accounts and free Internet security. Roadrunner turbo boasts speeds of 15 Mbps. Like Comcast, Time Warner Cable allows customers to bundle phone, Internet and cable services for a discounted price.

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