High Speed Internet Available for Philadelphia, Mississippi

by Christy Maxwell

High-speed Internet service is more important than ever in today's fast-paced, technological world. Business decisions must be made quickly for companies to remain competitive. Also, email services, online purchases, online gaming and simple research is much more convenient with high speed internet. In some parts of the country, services are limited. Fortunately, several options are available for residents of Philadelphia, Mississippi.


DSL refers to a "Digital Subscriber Line." Using a traditional telephone line, DSL customers receive internet connection directly from the provider through a digital signal. This service is extremely fast and generally reliable. Currently, AT&T; offers DSL services in the Philadelphia area, including package bundle deals to lessen the overall cost of other services. Some customers report spotty services in certain areas of the region. For DSL access information, AT&T; asks customers to submit a specific address for availability information.


Unlike DSL, satellite Internet services are available nationwide. This type of Internet connection sends and receives data through a satellite. Subscribers need a dish antenna to activate this type of service. In rural areas, satellite services are often the best option for high speed Internet customers. HughesNet, WildBlue and Skyway currently offer satellite Internet services in the Philadelphia area. Unfortunately, outages during foul weather are commonplace for satellite signals. While satellite companies offer bundle package deals, the services are generally more expensive than cable or DSL services.


Cable Internet services are another option for high speed internet services. Data is sent back and forth via the same type of cable used for cable television. A cable modem is necessary for this type of services. Currently, there are no cable companies offering Internet services in the Philadelphia area.

Bottom Line

For high speed Internet service in Philadelphia, Mississippi, options are somewhat limited. AT&T; offers DSL services, while satellite Internet service providers are numerous and offer a variety of packages for rural subscribers. To choose the best Internet option for a family or business, call all available companies with the exact address where service is requested and compare pricing and service options.

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