Is High Speed Internet Available in Moneta, Virginia?

by Andrew Breslin
Moneta is over 100 miles from the ocean, but its residents can surf the Web.

Moneta is over 100 miles from the ocean, but its residents can surf the Web.

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Several high speed Internet providers serve the residents of Moneta, Virginia. You can get instant access to information, online interactive gaming and streaming audio and video. A world of education and entertainment awaits. You have several options depending on where you are and the level of service you want.


Comcast provides high-speed Internet in Moneta. The service provides up to 15 megabits of data per second, more than enough for multiple users in the same household to simultaneously stream audio and video. Packages offering high-speed Internet bundled with cable or digital voice service are also available.


Verizon has Internet options for customers in Moneta. On the low-end, you can choose the Power Plan, with speeds up to 3Mbps. On the higher end, Verizon's FiOS fiber optic Internet features speeds up to 30Mbps.

Digital Landing

Digital Landing is an authorized dealer for dozens of different cable and high-speed Internet providers. It works with Comcast, AT&T;, Verizon, Dish Network, Qwest, Xfinity and HughesNet. Contact Digital Landing to find out what offers are available in your area.


HughesNet provides satellite Internet to customers in Moneta, Virginia, and pretty much anywhere with a clear line of sight to the satellite. An advantage of satellite Internet is that it's available to customers in rural or remote areas. The disadvantage is that data transfer speeds are considerably slower than cable, for example. HughesNet provides up to 2Mbps, which is 1/4 of a megabyte per second. Satellite Internet may be a viable alternative to those customers in parts of Moneta not serviced by cable or DSL providers.

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