High Speed Internet in Appleton, Wisconsin

by Mary Thomsen
Residents of Appleton, Wisconsin, have several high-speed Internet options to choose from.

Residents of Appleton, Wisconsin, have several high-speed Internet options to choose from.

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Residents of Appleton, Wisconsin and the surrounding area have a buffet of choices available when searching for an Internet provider and type of service. Providers in the area offer four types of high-speed service -- DSL, cable, satellite and fiber optic. These options vary in features and speed, but all can be categorized under the term "broadband."


Working on a high-frequency telephone line connection, DSL -- or digital subscriber line -- offers a higher speed Internet connection than dial-up service. To receive this service, the user needs a modem connected to the provider's hub. Customers can easily install the system using their phone line, but the online service does not interrupt their ability to use their phone or require any extra wiring. In Appleton, AT&T; is recognized as a leader in providing reliable DSL service. DSL appeals to users who do not require an ultra-fast connection.


Cable Internet service sends the Internet signal through a cable modem on a dedicated channel to eliminate interference. The signal provided through this method is constant and comparable in speed to a cable television connection. If you want a reliable, simple-to-install Internet connection that encounters little interference, the cable method is a good choice. In Appleton, Comcast Cable, Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications offer this service.


Both Dish Network and AT&T; offer dependable satellite high-speed Internet connections in the Appleton area. This type of service depends on a satellite dish installed on the home to receive the signal. If you choose this option, you will need the dish, a pair of modems and the cables to connect the system. People living in the outlying areas of Appleton who cannot receive another form of broadband Internet service often benefit from satellite service. One advantage is the higher speed of satellite modems.

Fiber Optic

The most cutting-edge Internet service available comes through fiber optic service, which brings a lightning-fast connection to users requiring it for applications such as music, games and videos. The provider brings the service to your home through fiber optic cables, which can carry the fastest service available as of 2011. Verizon FiOS offers users in Appleton full fiber optic plans, while both Comcast and AT&T; can provide blends with other services.

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