Hello Kitty Party Games

by Krystal Miller
Plan a Hello Kitty party full of games for your child.

Plan a Hello Kitty party full of games for your child.

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Hello Kitty is a fictional character produced by the company Sanrio. Show your child's love for the animated cat by hosting a Hello Kitty-themed birthday party for her and her friends. Plan a variety of games to keep the guests entertained and prevent boredom. Awarding Hello Kitty-themed prizes and party favors to game winners will entice the children to play along.

Easy Games

For an easy Hello Kitty game, have the children sit in a circle and hand one child a Hello Kitty plush animal. Play music and have the children pass the plush kitty around the circle. When the music stops, the player holding the Hello Kitty plush is out of the game. Play the music again and eliminate one player each round. The last player remaining in the game wins the Hello Kitty toy. Try another easy game by giving each player a coloring page of Hello Kitty. Each player must color the picture using markers and crayons. Award prizes to the best and most creative coloring pages.

Classic Games

Instead of a game of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," play a game of "Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty." Hang a poster of Hello Kitty on the wall and have the children try to pin a bow on her head, while blindfolded. The player who pins the bow closest to the correct spot wins the game. For another classic game, try "hello, hello, kitty" instead of "duck, duck, goose." Award a small prize to the winners of each game.

Hunt Games

Print several pictures of Hello Kitty and hide them around the party area. Give each player a small paper bag to hunt for the pictures. The player who finds the most pictures wins the game. For added fun, mark a heart on a couple of the pictures; the players who find those pictures win a prize, too. If you do not want to print pictures, hide a variety of Hello Kitty-themed party favors. Hello Kitty toys and party favors are available online and at many party supply stores.

Tossing Games

Tape a green poster board on the bottom of a cardboard box. Use a black marker to make the poster board resemble a garden. Cut a hole in the garden. Mark a standing line 5 feet from the box and have the children try to toss plastic Hello Kitty toys or party favors into the "garden." Award a prize for each Hello Kitty toy made in the hole. For a variation, print a large picture of Hello Kitty and tape it on the bottom of the box. Cut out her mouth and have the players try to toss beanbags into Hello Kitty's mouth.

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