Headband Holder Craft

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Keep headbands within easy reach with an easy-to-make holder.

Keep headbands within easy reach with an easy-to-make holder.

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Headbands abound when the girls in the family need to keep their face clear of hair. Headband styles vary as much as hairstyles. From frills and lace to colored elastic, there is a headband to match every occasion. With so many types of headbands, the clutter becomes overwhelming. Keep everything organized with a headband-holder craft that keeps your hair accessories grouped in one place.

Canister Holder

Repurpose a tall, large-diameter can, such as a rolled-oats container, into a headband holder. Cover the can with quilt backing and your choice of cloth. You can also cover the plastic lid with a coordinating cloth. Cover the container and lid with contact paper, which will not absorb hair oils from the headbands. Slide the headbands around the exterior of the can and toss hair clips and bows into the can.

Pillow Headband Holder

Wrap a rolled-pillow form with fabric, leaving at least 3 inches extending over each end. Wrap a decorative cord around either end and flare out the excess fabric. The piece should look like a piece of hard candy wrapped in cellophane. Slide the headbands over the rolled-pillow form to hold them in place. Set the holder where you can easily access your headbands. To clean the holder, untie the cords, remove the fabric and wash it. Allow the fabric to air dry and reform the pillow holder.

Wall Organizer

Make a wall-hanging organizer by mounting a long-handled drawer pull onto a section of sanded 2-by-4-inch wood. Paint or stain the wood to match your decor. The headbands slide over the handle, in the middle or on either end to organize them. Install a screw hook to the side of the wood and attach a ribbon to the hook to hold barrettes and hair clips. This keeps your hair pieces together.

Headband Hanger

A basic craft for headband storage is made from a 1-by-6-inch piece of pine that is 12 inches long and has four decorative towel hooks. Sand the board to a smooth finish. Stain or paint the board in your favorite color. Screw four towel hooks to the board, spacing them 3 inches apart. For extra storage, use double-hook towel holders. The larger hooks hold the thicker headbands and the shorter hooks hold the thin and elastic headbands.

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