Hawaiian-Themed Bridal Shower Games

by Sarah Freeman
Provide guests with beach gear for a dress-up game.

Provide guests with beach gear for a dress-up game.

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Whether the bride-to-be will honeymoon on a tropical island or you're simply looking for some summer fun, Hawaii can provide a fitting theme for a bridal shower. Along with decorating the venue for the occasion with palm trees and beach towels, keep the feel going with Hawaiian-themed bridal shower games. Guests will enjoy playing the one-of-a-kind games having to do with the tropical islands.

Bridal Beach Gear

This game will challenge a few participants to dress up in a variety of bridal and beach gear in the shortest amount of time. Begin by laying out three or four sets of various beach gear, including a few sets of fins, goggles, snorkels and grass skirts, as well as bridal gear such as a veil and bouquet. When it's time to play, the contestants must run to the pile of goods and put each item on themselves. Whoever can dress in the bridal and beach gear the fastest wins.


Asks guests to form into teams with three or four people on each one. Lay out some Hawaii travel brochures and bridal magazines on the tables, as well as scissors, glue and a piece of construction paper. Create a list of words and pictures that each team has to find in the magazines and brochures. Some of these pictures might include a palm tree or tropical sunset, while words can be the bride's name or the word "sunburn." The winning team will have found all the items first and glued them to the page. Every team should give its creation to the bride as souvenir.

Purse Raid

Ask each guest to collect her purse and put it in front of her. Read off a list of items that each person might have in the purses, fitting the game into your Hawaiian theme by only listing items having to do with Hawaii. Some of these items might be necessities needed on the island, such as sunglasses, a camera and sunscreen, as well as things having to do with Hawaii, such as pineapple-flavored gum. Whoever has the most items in her purse wins.

Pass the Coconut and Bouquet

Put a Hawaiian twist and extra element on the traditional Hot Potato game by playing Pass the Coconut and Bridal Bouquet at a bridal shower. Instruct guests to stand in a large circle. Give one person a coconut and another person a bridal bouquet. When the Hawaiian music starts to play, guests must pass the coconut and bouquet in opposite directions around the circle. When the music stops, whoever is holding the coconut is out, and whoever is holding the bouquet gets a free pass to stay in the game if she ends up with the coconut in another round. Continue the game until there is only one person remaining, and award this person with a prize.

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