Hawaiian Theme Wall Murals for a Party

by Michael Monet

Hawaii brings to mind palm trees, white sand beaches and clear, blue water. These serene images provide a plethora of decorating options for a Hawaii themed party. The key to accomplishing a party theme through decorating is to be clear yet understated. Overdoing Hawaii flower print, flower leis and tiki torches may give guests the wrong impression. Instead, try elegant Hawaiian wall murals.

Sunset Beach

Hawaii's beaches are beautiful by daylight, but entrancing by sunset. The pink, orange, red and yellow combination of colors in the sky, the dark blue of the water and the black outline of palm trees swaying in the night air will be fun to duplicate in a wall mural. Mark a line where the sand and water divide. Use a palm tree stencil to outline several palm trees on the beach. Paint vibrant colors in and out of dark blue to mimic the sunset, and place the deep orange sun just above the water.

Luau Celebration

Luaus are the ultimate party in Hawaii. Dancers in grass skirts and coconut bras, torches and a pig roasting on a spit appear in your mural to communicate the luau theme. Trace stencils and add details afterward if you have limited drawing ability. Add a three-dimensional aspect to your mural by attaching a grass skirt to your dancer, or a Hawaiian beaded necklace to her neck or ankle. Extend this wall mural into the physical decor of your party by setting up torches, asking guests to wear grass skirts or floral cloth wraps, and serving pulled pork.

Under the Sea

Some of the greatest aspects of Hawaii are underwater, out of the normal range of sight of human beings. Paint the backdrop of this mural bright blue, and let it dry completely before adding in colorful fish and coral reef. Texture your reef by making it out of sponge, paper mache or other craft materials. Stencil and paint your fish vibrant colors. Attach sequins to act as scales. Spread glitter glue or paint across the body to add sparkle.

Wonders of Hawaii

The wonders of Hawaii include the volcanoes that created these islands and the towering green mountains that line the shore. Incorporate lush, green mountains and erupting volcanoes into your murals. Draw, paint and cut out your mountains from a large piece of butcher paper so that they stand alone when attached to the wall. Texture your mountains with real moss, green streamers or other craft materials. Do the same for sharp, black volcanoes with red lava streaming from the opening at the top.

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