Haunted Trails in Sylacauga, Alabama

by Clayton Yuetter

Sylacauga, Alabama, is known for its tales of ghosts and haunted experiences. Although there are no major organized haunted trails in the small town, there are many other attractions that bring visitors from all over, including Gravity Hill, in which ghosts are thought to push cars uphill. Many people report seeing ghosts in the Odena Cemetery and local houses.

Gravity Hill

The most well-known attraction in Sylacauga is Gravity Hill, in which cars have been known to roll uphill.There are several theories as to the reason for the phenomenon, such as a large meteorite buried underneath it with a strong magnetic force. Some suggest that it is a site of an ancient Native American burial ground, while others believe a ghost named Henry pushes the car. In reality, Gravity Hill is an optical illusion in which there is a slight decline followed by a drastic decline, lending the appearance of going uphill.

Haunted Houses

There are many reports of residents claiming supernatural activity in homes in Sylacauga. Some suggest that lights will turn on by themselves and that televisions will switch between channels on their own volition. A woman that once lived on Avondale Avenue claims to have heard footsteps in the night and toilets flushing by themselves. These stories add to the allure of Sylacauga's reputation as a haunted town.

Odena Cemetery

Other Sylacauga residents have claimed that the Odena Church and Cemetery are haunted. There have been reports of ghosts fading in and out of sight among the tombstones. There is another tale of a deacon spending time alone in the church when he hears another voice shout "Amen!" The deacon knew it to be the voice of his former colleague who was buried in the cemetery.

Beulah Haunted Hollow

Although there are no organized haunted trails in the small town of Sylacauga, there are some that are a modest drive away. The Haunted Hollow in Beulah, Alabama, is less than a two-hour ride and is open every Friday and Saturday night in October. Every year the attractions are changed to make sure patrons have a reason to make the trip an annual event.