Haunted and Scary Party Games

by Christine Gauvreau
The backyard provides the best setting for spooky hide-and-seek games.

The backyard provides the best setting for spooky hide-and-seek games.

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Whether you are planning a haunted Halloween bash or want to spook guests at your sleepover, include a few scary-themed party games to the event. Spooky games are best played in the dark, so schedule your party for after sunset. To enhance the fright level, play them outside. To completely haunt the play space, add creepy music and a fog machine.

Zombie Flashlight Tag

Assign one person to be the "zombie." The zombie covers eyes and counts to 100 while all other players run and hide. Turn off the lights and give the zombie a flashlight. The zombie uses the flashlight to find his victims. Each time the zombie finds and shines the light on a player, that player turns into a zombie, too, and joins the hunt. The last person to escape being turned into a zombie is the winner.

The Morgue

Assign one player to be the "killer." Designate a room or area of the party space to be the "morgue." Send the killer to the morgue for two minutes. While the killer is in the morgue, the rest of the party guests hide. Give the killer a scary mask to wear and play creepy music as she runs around seeking victims. When the killer finds a victim, that person is "murdered" and sent to lie down in the morgue. The last player to wind up in the morgue chooses the next person to be the killer.

Murder Mystery

Gather one piece of paper per party guest. Write the word "it" on one piece of paper. Number the rest of the papers in order of the amount that remain. Fold the papers up and place them in a bowl. Guests each choose a paper from the bowl, but don't reveal the contents. The person who chooses the paper that says "it" is the "murderer." The rest of the players are assigned the numbers on their papers. Turn off the lights and instruct guests to wander around the room. The killer sneaks up on a player and taps on his shoulder. That player silently counts to 10 and then screams and pretends to collapse and die. Turn on the lights and call out one of the numbers. The player with that number must guess which player is the murderer. If he guesses incorrectly, he is "killed" and is out of the next round. Turn off the lights and play again. The game continues in this manner until the killer is identified. When a player guesses correctly, the murderer is caught and a new killer is assigned.

Haunted Harry

Locate a cardboard box large enough to fit a seated player inside. Seal the bottom of the box closed and remove the top flaps. Turn the box upside down and decorate it to look like a haunted house. Assign a player to be Haunted Harry (or Harriet, for girls). Have Harry sit on the floor and cover him with the haunted house. The remaining players quietly walk over to the box and howl at Harry. Harry must correctly guess the identity of the howler to be set free from the haunted house. The howler then takes a turn at being Harry. Play continues until every player has a turn inside the haunted house.

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