Haunted Places to Visit in Upstate South Carolina

by Sara John

Upstate South Carolina includes 10 counties and is located in the northwestern part of the state. This area welcomes large numbers of visitors each year and includes the cities of Greenville, a commercial center of the state, Spartanburg and Anderson. For adventure-seeking locals or visitors, whether believers or not, there are a number of sites in the area that are reportedly haunted.

Haunted Hotels

There are a few haunted hotels and guest houses in the area, including the Inn at Merridun in Union (merridun.com/). Originally built in the 1850s, it was renovated as a five-bedroom bed-and-breakfast in 1992. Since then, guests have experienced a variety of paranormal activity, including the apparitions of a woman in 19th-century dress, an African-American housekeeper performing chores and a couple with a dog. According to the South Carolina Paranormal Research and Investigations website, the Embassy Suites in Greenville (embassysuites1.hilton.com) has several rooms in which lights go on and off randomly and doors fly open.

Children's Graveyard

According to South Carolina Paranormal Research and Investigations, a children's graveyard located near Furman University is the site of numerous paranormal events. It has tombstones dating from the late 1700s to the late 1800s, most of which are dedicated to children. Visitors have reported strange lights and the sounds of running and laughter.


Travelers along Highway 76 through Anderson and Columbia have witnessed at least two apparitions. The first is that of a hitchhiker who appears at the entrance of a bridge. He is reportedly seen most often on rainy or foggy nights. A second is that of a woman, said to have been killed in the 1940s. Drivers on the highway have reported picking her up only to have her disappear once they cross the river. Cobbs Way, a rural road outside of Anderson, is supposedly home to a figure with a white mask. The supposed apparition of a man killed in the 1950s is often seen walking the highway when it's dark and rainy on Route 107, located in Greenville County.

Other Locations

There are dozens of purportedly haunted locations in upstate South Carolina. Among them is the Abbeville Opera House (theabbevilleoperahouse.com). The ghost of an African-American patron who was murdered at the location has been seen on the balcony. Anderson College's Sullivan Music Center is haunted by the spirit of a teenage girl, while Blacksburg Middle School (mcps.org/bms), particularly the gym, is haunted by the spirit of a girl who died there in 1980. Cherokee Falls Bridge in Blacksburg is home to the local legend of Booger Jim, a man who was supposedly hanged over the side of the bridge by jumper cables by his crazed wife in 1979. Visitors should call his name three times to get a response.

About the Author

Sara John is a professional writer and copy editor living in Des Moines, IA. She has worked professionally for seven years, and written articles for the Long Beach Press-Telegram, as well as other local publications. She is a graduate of Grand View University and holds a B.A. in journalism.