Haunted Places to Visit in Sacramento, California

by Robin Reichert

Sacramento, California, is home to many famous ghosts. Parks, tunnels, businesses and private homes are reportedly haunted by the spirits of the dead. The spirits of governors, transients, actors and regular people stir in the shadows of old Sacramento buildings. Visitors to Sacramento who want to experience a haunted place can arrange tours or explore on their own. Private homes are generally off limits, but there are plenty of haunted public spaces for visitors explore.

Sacramento River

A mysterious disappearing campfire has been seen in the Greenhaven area near Gloria Drive in Sacramento. Transient and homeless men living on the bank of the Sacramento River build campfires to keep warm on cool nights and to cook food. People who have walked along the bank of the Sacramento River in this area reported seeing a campfire in the distance. As they approached the campfire, it suddenly disappears. Some believe that the campfire is the ghostly manifestation of a transient person who drowned in the river.

Sacramento Central Library

Crashing sounds, falling objects, rustling books and apparitions have been reported by staff and visitors to the Sacramento Central Library. The image of a deceased library worker has been reported by staff. Entities move books around on the shelves or hide them from staff and patrons. The hot spot in the library seems to be in the vault area where many old books and manuscripts are stored. The library is located at 8th and I streets.

Record Store on K Street Mall

Visitors to the record store on the K Street Mall in Sacramento have been accosted by a woman dressed in Victorian-style clothing. The woman haunts the basement but will occasionally venture upstairs when patrons of the store annoy her. She reportedly approaches noisy visitors and tells them to be quiet. Visit the record store located at 710 K Street Mall, but be quiet or you could be admonished by a spirit.

Old Sacramento Tunnels

A hidden old town and a labyrinth of old tunnels underneath Sacramento, California, await the adventurous ghost hunter. The old Sacramento tunnels are rumored to be haunted by many entities. Homeless people living in the tunnels report tiny red eyes staring out of the dark corners of the tunnels. The tunnels are accessible via a guided tour. Check in at the Sacramento History Museum and then follow the guide below the city. Wear walking shoes because the floors are uneven and the ceilings are low.

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