Haunted Places to Visit Near Erie, PA

by Jennifer Eblin
If you're lucky, you might see your own ghost in Erie.

If you're lucky, you might see your own ghost in Erie.

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Whether you plan on visiting the Erie, Pennsylvania area for work or a family vacation, or you already live in the area, consider taking a haunted tour of the town. The sites are interesting enough you might be tempted to visit long before Halloween.

Erie Cemetery

Erie Cemetery is one of the more well-known haunted spots in the area. According to the Experience Project, the cemetery has several haunted spots. Look for a series of tombstones arranged in a circle. The area is known as the Witches Circle; legend says a group of Satan worshippers were pulled underground in this spot by Satan himself. Several tombstones have dark marks that resemble scorch marks. Also look for a dark mausoleum that looks like it caught fire. The mausoleum has gothic designs on the front, and is reputedly haunted. Stories also abound of a ghostly black dog wandering through the cemetery.

Gannon University

The Shadowlands website claims the frat house at Gannon University is also haunted. The legend says at a Halloween costume party, a dark figure wearing a black hat appeared. One party reveler followed the man upstairs, where he raised his hat and disappeared into thin air. Weird things started happening in the house, including doors and windows opening and closing, and odd noises coming from upstairs. The figure reappeared, warned everyone to leave, then disappeared.

Watson-Curtze Mansion

The museum inside the Watson-Curtze Mansion is a can't-miss haunted site in the Erie area. After Revolutionary War hero Gen. Anthony Wayne died in Erie, his body was buried nearby. Years later, his son demanded that his father be moved to a cemetery in southeastern Pennsylvania. According to Roadside America, his body was placed inside an iron cauldron and boiled, as transporting the bones was a simpler task than moving the whole body. The cauldron and the tools used to dismember the body are both on display in the museum.

St. Peter Cathedral Center

St. Peter Cathedral Center in Erie has classic symptoms of a ghostly haunting, including ghostly noises coming from upper floors. Shadowlands website claims that the oldest part of the building is the most haunted. The lights seem to function on their own, and weird noises are often heard. The site also claims visitors have seen dark shadows moving through the building.

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