Haunted Palaces in India

by Megan Kelly
Discover the paranormal in India's most haunted palaces.

Discover the paranormal in India's most haunted palaces.

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India has palaces whose walls are said to contain restless spirits of history past. Before planning a vacation to India, learn about places where you can experience paranormal activity. Bone chilling adventures await those exploring the history of these haunted palaces.

Shaniwarwada Fort

Shaniwarwada fort is in Pune, Maharashtra, and is thought to be haunted by the assassinated nephew of Peshwa rulers, who reigned over the Maratha empire from the mid-1700s until the 1800s. It is said that Narayan, the assassinated nephew, was chased through the fort as he cried out for help from his uncle. Locals of Pune claim his cries can still be heard on nights with a new moon.


The Writer's Building in Kolkata is reportedly haunted by several ghosts. The building used to house the East India Co., and is now used as the government secretariat. In this building, many large rooms lie vacant. Locals claim menacing spirits dwell within the building and scare even the least fearful workers out before dark.

Haveli of Zeenat Mahal

Haveli of Zeenat Mahal is a palace in Old Delhi allegedly haunted by spirits of dead freedom fighters whose bodies were dumped into a well in the palace courtyard. The palace was built in 1846 at the command of Empress Zeenat Mahal, the favored wife of Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar II. Residents who live near the palace claim the palace is haunted by spirits of those imprisoned by the British army and thrown into the well.


The ruins of a palace in the town of Bhangarh is said to be so haunted the government prohibits visitors from entering the town after nightfall, and the Archeological Survey of India office for the palace is over a half mile away from town. According to legend, in the 16th century, a magician named Singhia attempted to seduce the kingdom's princess by casting a spell on the oils she was to put on her skin. Because the princess was also well-versed in the occult, she threw away the cursed oil, which caused a boulder to roll over the magician. Before it killed him, he placed a curse on the palace, promising death for anyone who lived inside. Reports of music, tinkling anklets, strange appearances in photographs and other paranormal activity come from the palace in Bhangarh.

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