Haunted Houses in Wayne County, Michigan

by Ian Farquharson
Haunted houses provide thrills for those who dare to enter

Haunted houses provide thrills for those who dare to enter

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Wayne County lies in the southeast region of Michigan's Lower Peninsula, and is home to the cities of Detroit, Dearborn and Westland. Communities throughout the county stage events during the year, with many entering into the Halloween spirit. Haunted house attractions play a part in this, and while many provide Halloween thrills, some also operate at other times.

Urban Legends: 666 Haunted House

Urban Legends: 666 Haunted House (moneybackhauntedhouse.com) forms one of the biggest haunted attractions in the area. Located in Detroit, it gets its name from the fact that it has six different haunted houses, with a total of 66 rooms. These rooms provide different spooky experiences, such as a visit to Bloody Mary's Butcher Shop and a meeting with Movie Monsters & Madmen. A walk through the six houses should provide enough thrills and scares for anyone, with this attraction usually operating during the Halloween season.

The Scream Machine

The city of Taylor plays host to The Scream Machine (thescreammachine.net). This haunted attraction has operated since the early 1990s, and typically opens its doors to the public from around the end of September to the end of October each year. It has plenty of special effects, costumed actors and thrills designed to scare visitors as they make their way through the attraction, with highlights including a ride in the creepy Hellevator.

Fort Wayne

A visit to Fort Wayne (hauntedfortwaynedetroit.com) proves a good choice for those who want to try the experience of touring a real-life haunted building. The fort has stood in Detroit for around 150 years, and has gained a reputation as a haunted location. Ghost tours take place on Saturday evenings at various times throughout the year. Tours begin with a guide showing visitors around and providing some details of the fort's history, following which guests make their own way around the building to do some ghost hunting of their own.

Haunted Detroit Tours

Other options for those who have the desire to become a real-life ghost hunter include Haunted Detroit Tours (haunteddetroittours.com). Under the guidance of paranormal enthusiasts, guests take a three-hour tour around some of the haunted locations in the Detroit area, with the tours generally taking place during October each year. The guides have professional ghost-hunting equipment, such as EMF detectors and infra-red thermometers, to help with identifying paranormal activity. This provides an increased opportunity for tour participants to experience a ghostly encounter at one of the haunted locations.

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