Haunted Houses & Trails in Kentucky

by Sara Welsh

If you happen to be in Kentucky in the fall, check out all of the Halloween-themed haunted houses and trails the state has to offer. Though not for the faint of heart, these attractions are great for those who love a good scare.

Wicked World Scaregrounds (Lexington)

Wicked World Scaregrounds (2scary.com) is home to two haunted attractions. The Nightmare is a haunted house that claims to be the remnants of Mercy Hospital. The hospital was once a place of healing, but a darkness came and twisted all of those inside, leaving them with rotted flesh and contorted bones. The other attraction is Terror on Tates Creek, a frightening carnival of human oddities that claims to be so good that may never leave. Located in Lexington, this attraction is only open during the Halloween season. You may purchase tickets at the door or online for a slight discount.

Nightmare Forest (Louisville)

This attraction takes over the popular Otter Creek Park in Louisville, Kentucky, and provides three different reasons to scream. The Nightmare Forest (yournightmarebegins.com) trail itself is enough to scare the pants off of anyone as it is filled with nightmarish creatures directly from the movies. The Trail of Terror claims to have you travel into the most hellish regions of the imagination and should not be taken lightly. The newest addition to this triad of scares is the Watch N DrIvE-In, where terrifying things pop out at you from least expected places.

Sandyland Acres (Petersburg)

Located in northern Kentucky, Sandyland Acres (sandylandacres.com) is a haunted hayride. No age restrictions exist for this ride, but young children may find the experience scary. Each year, the creatures from the scariest movies come out to greet you as your cart ambles past them. This attraction is only open from mid-September to the end of October.

Over The Edge (Greensburg)

Over The Edge (overtheedgehaunts.com) is a haunted warehouse in the heart of Greensburg, Kentucky. Using strobe lights, fog machines and special effects, the staff creates a terrifying trip for those not prepared. Though only open for the Fridays and Saturdays in October, the scenery changes every day, and new things are added often to the more than 35 scenes. Over The Edge is not for anyone under the age of 12, those with heart conditions or pregnant women.

Field of Screams (Brandenburg)

The Field of Screams (thefieldofscreams.net) is a haunted trail winding through a six-acre corn maze. During your walk, you will encounter ghouls, freaks and creeps. You may stop at the haunted barn and haunted forest on your way out of the attraction, or just make a quick escape if you're too scared. New in 2011 is the Hayride to Hell. This trail opens on September 16 and runs every weekend until Halloween.

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