Haunted Houses Near Warner Robins, Georgia

by Shelly Barclay

During the Halloween season, Warner Robins, Macon and surrounding towns in Georgia host haunted houses. Some of these haunted houses are small local affairs, such as the Warner Robins Fear Fest Haunted House, while others, such as the F.E.A.R. Institute's Underworld Haunted House, are large attractions.

Haunted Montrose

Haunted Montrose is a Halloween haunted house in Montrose, Georgia. The house is known as Slaughter House because it was once the home of the fictional Slaughter Family, according to the Haunted Montrose story. The house sits amid a cornfield and a graveyard, though the main attraction is the house. Guests enter the house via the front porch, which contains evidence of animal slaughter. The inside of the house is more sinister, hinting at human victims of the Slaughters.

F.E.A.R. Institute Underworld Haunted House

The fictional story behind the F.E.A.R. Institute Underworld Haunted House in Macon is that it was once the Federal Examination and Research Institute under the direction of chemical engineer Dr. D. Vower. The institute opened in 1935, with the support of President Franklin Roosevelt and Congress. Experiments went wrong when Vower's son took over the institute and now the actors who play the staff and patients represent their own worst fears. The Underworld Haunted House is the largest Halloween haunted house attraction in the area.

The Warner Robins Fear Fest Haunted House

The Warner Robins Police Department hosts the Fear Fest Haunted House annually. The event raises money for wounded police officers and the Special Olympics of Houston County. The haunted house contains such scary elements as zombie babies and scary clowns. Before the 2010 annual Warner Robins Fear Fest Haunted House, Warner Robins Police Department spokesperson Tabitha Pugh warned that the haunted house is scary and parents should be wary of bringing young children to the event.

Perry Haunted Barn

The Perry Haunted Barn, 2 miles north of Perry, Georgia, contains actors, strobe lights and fog machines. The Perry Haunted Barn does not allow photography, as it interferes with the special effects of lighting and fog inside the barn. According to the Perry Haunted Barn website, the attraction is too scary for young children, though they may enter the barn with a parent or guardian. Also included with your admission fee is a haunted maze, which is not part of the barn.

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