Haunted Houses in Monroe, North Carolina

by Scott Cornell

Places that are inhabited by disembodied spirits, often those of former residents, characterize haunted houses. Those who are open-minded to the unknown believe such homes to be located all over the world. Monroe, North Carolina, a city in suburban Charlotte, has one haunted house, and several others are located in the nearby Charlotte area.

Blakney House

The Blakney House in downtown Monroe, is said to be haunted by the home's former owner, William Blakney, according to Shadowlands (theshadowlands.net), a website that lists haunted locations in the United States. Blakney was a greedy miser who hid his fortune somewhere inside the house, which is also said to be haunted by a young girl who watched from the upstairs window of the house as her parents were run over by a car, according to Shadowlands.


The Blakney house was originally built as a private residence. The facility dates back to the mid-1800s. One of its amenities is a "slave staircase," used by slaves to go up and down the stairs. It was renovated to become "Boswell's Restaurant" around 1995. The restaurant is no longer located there and other unsuccessful restaurants have come and gone over the years. As of 2008, it is again a private residence.


Employees of the formal Boswell's Restaurant reported strange things occurring within the facility. They claimed dishes would appear to be relocated and tables were moved. One incident involved employees who returned after setting up for a banquet on the second floor to find it ransacked. Other former employees also reported feeling uneasy on the second floor of the facility, according to Shadowlands.

Explanation for Activity

One possible explanation for activity in the Blakney House is the renovation and remodeling that were done to turn the old home into a business. According to the Appalachian Paranormal Center, one of the theories behind a haunting is that major renovations and remodels may provoke spirits that were once dormant. The theory is that a spirit entity may hold a specific facility dear and take exception to renovations.

Latta Plantation

Several additional haunted locations can be found about 25 miles northwest of Monroe in Charlotte. They include the Latta Plantation (lattaplantation.org), a former cotton plantation from the 1880s that is now a historic home and tourist attraction. The facility is said to be haunted by the Latta family. Paranormal activity includes the sound of footsteps and children playing in the attic, doors slamming shut and the appearance of shadowy figures, according to Shadowlands.