Haunted Houses in Jefferson County, West Virginia

by Melissa McCormick
There are several haunted spots in Jefferson County.

There are several haunted spots in Jefferson County.

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Jefferson County, West Virginia, is located on the eastern border of West Virginia, next to Maryland. The county is home to cities such as Harpers Ferry, Shepherdstown and Charleston Town. The county is known for a rich history involving everything from George Washington to Lewis and Clark. Hiking, biking, rafting and fishing are some of the area's more popular activities. The area is also well known for its close proximity to Washington D.C.. In and around Jefferson County, you'll find a number of haunted attractions to keep you spooked during the halloween season and all year long.

The Haunted Cottage

The Haunted Cottage (thehauntedcottage.com) is a haunted house in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. The cottage includes the National Paranormal Museum, the Haunted History Festival and paranormal tours in which guests can investigate the cottage using ghost hunting tools. The Haunted Cottage also hosts a number of smaller events throughout the year including visits from magicians, tarot card readers and mystical performers.

Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry

Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry (harpersferryghost.20m.com) is an organization that gives tours of Harpers Ferry homes that some believe to be haunted. The organization conducts tours between the months of April through September on Monday through Thursday evenings at 8 p.m. The 1.5 hour walking tour takes guests through the historic section of Harpers Ferry, while guides point out homes and buildings that have had legends or events of ghostly or paranormal happenings at some point in time. Reservations are required.

Private Buildings

The Mountain State Spirit Seekers Society investigates and lists locations throughout West Virginia that are believed to be haunted. Many of the locations on their Jefferson County list include everything from high schools to hotels. Some believe theses buildings are or were at some point in time haunted. While the buildings are private property and not open to the public, some people choose to drive past the buildings for a haunted tour of their own. Included on the list are several buildings at Shepherd College, Charles Town Junior High School, Charles Town Courthouse and Charles Washington Inn.

Nightmare Manor

Nightmare Manor (nightmarescreamplex.com) is not directly in Jefferson County, West Virginia. However, it is located in Poolesville, Maryland, just past the West Virginia border and less than than 10 miles from Jefferson County. The haunted house is held every fall between the months of September through November.

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