Haunted Houses in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

by Ian Farquharson

Located at the confluence of the Maumee, St. Mary's and St. Joseph rivers, Fort Wayne, Indiana, stands as the county seat of Allen County. The city has a variety of attractions, from the History Center in the old city hall to annual events including the Three Rivers Festival. Other attractions include real and special-effects haunted houses, which can provide residents and visitors with a scary experience during the Halloween season.

Haunted Castle and Black Forest

The Haunted Castle and Black Forest (hauntedcastle.com) has provided thrills and scares to Fort Wayne residents and visitors for more than 30 years. The indoor section, the Haunted Castle, had a complete revamp in 2010 to make it scarier. Visitors have to make their way through darkened halls and rooms, with a range of special effects designed to scare them. The St. Vincent's Boy Scout Troop organizes this haunted house, and doors typically open during the Halloween season, from the end of September to the end of October.

Haunted Cave

The Haunted Cave (hauntedcave.com) in Fort Wayne puts visitors in a dungeon-like atmosphere, and they have to make their way through a number of spooky rooms to get back to the outside world. A minute-long ride down the entrance shaft takes visitors into 16 rooms providing the thrills. These include a swamp, toxic-waste dump, and room full of giant spiders. The Haunted Cave opens for the Halloween season, operating from late September to the end of October.

ARCH Haunted Tours

For anyone looking to experience some real-life haunted locations, Architecture and Community Heritage of Forth Wayne (archfw.org) provides tours during the Halloween season. These include Fright Sites Hikes, a walking tour of some haunted attractions, and a Haunted Sites Bus Tour. These take place during October each year, with some of the locations visited including the Mason Long House and the Lindenwood Cemetery. The tour provides the chance to see the locations, with a guide providing details of their haunted history.

Nearby Haunted Attractions

The communities around Fort Wayne also offer the chance to see some haunted attractions. Columbia City lies 18 miles to the west, and is home of the Columbia City Haunted Jail (columbiacityhauntedjail.com). Originally constructed in 1875, the building reputedly has the ghost of an executed murderer haunting it. It opens its doors to visitors during October. Huntington lies 23 miles southwest of Fort Wayne, with the Haunted Hotel 13th Floor (hauntedhuntington.com) providing thrills and scares for visitors during October each year.

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