Haunted Houses in Baguio, Philippines

by Jeffrey Norman

The city of Baguio is relatively young, founded in 1900 by Americans. Known for its education and historical value, Baguio also claims global fame as the "Ghost Capital of the Philippines." Fans of haunted locations can find several spots to visit in hopes of a paranormal visitation.

Laperal White House

The White House has the reputation of being one of the most haunted spots in Baguio. "Laperal" was the name of the family who resided there from the 1920s until the Japanese military massacred the family during the Second World War -- except for Robert Laperal, who allegedly died from a fatal slip and fall. Although attractive lights adorn the White House during Christmas, even that cheery detail does not stop visitors from sensing dread or hostility in the air when nearing the reputedly haunted abode.

Diplomat Hotel

World War II also saw chaos at the Diplomat Hotel, atop Dominican Hill. The apparent abundance of headless phantoms references the decapitation of nuns and priests during the war. The Japanese also reputedly made the Diplomat into a sanitarium. The hotel was finally condemned in 1987, following the demise of owner and spiritual healer Tony Agpaoa. Some believe that Tony's presence alleviated the Diplomat from its metaphysical angst. As of 2011, visits to the hotel grounds are still allowed.

Teachers' Camp

For more than a century, Teachers' Camp in Baguio has hosted many professionals each summer who concentrate on special education. Governor William Packs' collaboration with the American government saw the Camp open on April 6, 1908. Participants trek to the camp's cottages along Leonard Wood Road -- a lane reputed for ghost sightings. Allegedly, the majority of spirits seen have been Americans from colonial history. Others have been described as native Filipino warriors.

Philippines Military Academy

Many buildings on the grounds of the academy have demonstrated signs of the paranormal. Again, violent death permeates the facilities: an earthquake in 1990 killed several individuals inside some of the academy's structures. Those who want to seek out a ghostly experience should make their way to the academy in the wee hours of the morning in hopes of seeing a uniformed cadet's spirit or hearing the march of a platoon's apparitions.

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