Haunted House Attractions in Evansville, Indiana

by Ian Farquharson
Haunted houses can provide a fun, eerie experience.

Haunted houses can provide a fun, eerie experience.

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Evansville has a long history, with the city established in 1817 and named after one of its founding residents, Robert Morgan Evans. Historic buildings constructed in the city, such as the Willard Library, have survived to the present, with some of these gaining haunted reputations along the way. For Evansville residents and visitors, this provides a few opportunities for some spooky experiences.

Willard Library

One of the most famous ghosts of Evansville, the "Grey Lady" haunts the Willard Library (willard.lib.in.us). This building officially opened in 1885, with its name coming from the man who funded the work, Willard Carpenter. The "Grey Lady" first appeared in the 1930s and some say she is the daughter of Carpenter. While a visit to the building at any time might provide a sighting of the ghost, the library sponsors annual tours in October, which provide a fun experience for anyone wanting to search for the ghost.

Old Catacombs

The Old Catacombs (oldcatacombs.com) actually features two haunted buildings, the House of Lector and the Olde Courthouse Catacombs. These two historic buildings sit a couple of blocks apart, and on certain days during September and October are open to the public for tours as spooky Halloween attractions. The buildings have haunted reputations, with investigations by the Indiana Ghost Tracker Association having encountered unusual paranormal activity. For a fun, eerie experience, a Halloween visit to the buildings might find you face-to-face with a ghost.

Evansville Scream Park

The Evansville Scream Park (theevansvilleasylum.com) features a few different haunted attractions that open to the public during October. Visitors can tour through the Asylum, which displays the horrors inflicted on patients, and the Slaughter House, which shows details of horror movie stars. Those with a stronger constitution can try the Last Ride, a spooky funeral and burial ceremony experience. The attractions, taken together, can provide some Halloween entertainment for those that like scary fun.

Angel Mounds State Historic Site

Angel Mounds State Historic Site (angelmounds.org) hosts a "Night at the Museum" Halloween party in October, which provides a fun ghostly experience for kids and adults alike. The grounds of the site transform into a Halloween ghost scene, with the attractions available including haunted trails, fortune telling, ghostly story readings and a haunted village.

Other Haunted Locations

For anyone with an interest in viewing other haunted buildings in Evansville, a few have ghostly reputations. The Eastland Mall reputedly has a ghost that makes rounds of the building after closing, checking on the stores. The WNIN Tri-State Public Media Company (wnin.org) has its offices in the original home of Willard Carpenter, with some workers in the building having reported weird noises and moving objects.

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