Haunted House Art Projects for Kids

by Tania K. Cowling
Kids love making spooky haunted house art projects for Halloween.

Kids love making spooky haunted house art projects for Halloween.

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Halloween has been a favorite holiday among children for generations. For older kids, the spookier the better. Gather art supplies and create haunted houses full of ghosts, bats, black cats and monsters. Adorn the outside with creepy jack-o-lanterns and spider webs to set the scene. Make a variety of haunted houses to use as decorations at home or for a school classroom.

Haunted House with an Alphabet Twist

Take white chalk and draw the outline of a haunted house on black construction paper. Create shutters by drawing a capital "I" in every spot a window is desired. A capital "T" can be drawn for a double door entry at ground level or an upside down "L" for a single door. After the doors and windows are placed, have the kids cut on the chalk lines to make the doors and windows open, folding back the flaps. Carefully apply glue to the house, avoiding the openings, and adhere the sheet to a contrasting piece of construction paper. The kids can now add creatures inside the windows and doors.

Pumpkin Haunted House

Have the kids cut a large pumpkin from orange construction paper. Challenge the children to turn this pumpkin shape into a house by adding windows, a door and even a chimney. Add spooky characters hanging out from the door and windows. Purchase spider web material from a craft store and glue it onto the haunted pumpkin, making it look eerie.

How to Make Creepy Characters

To make a ghost, take a white tissue and stuff another little piece of tissue inside to form a head. Tie a piece of black yarn around the neck and let the rest of the tissue flow like a ghost. To make jack-o-lanterns, cut a cardboard egg cup from a carton and paint it orange. Add facial features with a black marker. Easy bats can be made by painting S-shape Styrofoam pieces black with poster paint. All these characters can be glued to the haunted house inside the window shutters and doors.

Box House Centerpiece

Cover a cereal box with orange construction paper for the house. Cut a corner off another cereal box to make an A-shaped roof and cover it with black paper. Attach the roof to the house using glue or tape. Take scraps of black and yellow construction paper to make windows and doors and glue them onto the house. Place this haunted house on a table and surround the centerpiece with gummy spiders, worms and other scary creatures for a spooky effect.

Complete Each Project with a Poem

Along with each haunted house, attach this poem to complete the project. The kids can write the verse on an index card or paper and attach it to the bottom of the art project. "If you're afraid of creepy creatures that growl, howl and grin. Don't open the shutters or doors. BOO, I warned you not to look in!"


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