Haunted Attractions Nearest to Lenawee County, Michigan

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Lenawee County's haunted attractions offer something for every fright seeker's taste.

Lenawee County's haunted attractions offer something for every fright seeker's taste.

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When October rolls around, everyone starts looking for a good haunting. Those searching for haunted fun in Lenawee County, Michigan, have plenty of options, whether it's all-out scary insanity, thoughtful haunted storytelling or relatively benign scares that won't give the kids nightmares for weeks. One thing all these attractions have in common is an appreciation for the personal scare, and they'll all try to freak you out with engaging actors more often than they'll try to startle you with a mechanical pop-up skeleton.

The Haunting

Located at the Lenawee County Fair and Event Grounds in Adrian, The Haunting has been around since 1995 and is one of the most popular haunted attractions in the area. The attraction changes every year, but in 2010, the fun included a magic show and a haunt featuring the ever-popular asylum theme. The focus here is on frightful and energetic acting on the part of the staff, so if you prefer your haunts to be static and sedate, this one might not be for you. In 2010, a basic ticket for a trip through The Haunting cost $12.50.

Uncle Dicky's Wrong Turn Haunted Attraction

You might regret that you ended up at Uncle Dicky's place in Hudson, but it won't be because Dicky and his family didn't show you proper hospitality. This attraction starts off with a hayride, followed by a tour of Dicky's humble home and a walk in the woods. There was no asylum at Dicky's in 2010, but there was Cousin Jimmy's Carnival of creeps and peeps, so you can be sure there's plenty of frightening insanity to go around. Here, actors rather than mechanical scares take center stage. In 2010, admission to Uncle Dicky's was $12.

Krazy Hilda's Barn of Doom

It's not just a Barn of Doom. It's also three corn mazes and a hayride, so the Halloween fun could last awhile. This haunting aims to be family-friendly, so on weekends between noon and 4 pm, Hilda encourages the monsters in the barn to be friendly so the little ones won't be traumatized. Special events at Hilda's in 2010 included a car show courtesy of the local hearse club and a World Zombie Day food drive. In 2010, admission to the Barn of Doom was $10 for adults and $7 for children ages 10 and under.

Darksyde Acres

This haunt is nothing if not ambitious, and visitors claim it's worth the trip to Jonesville. Situated on 38 acres, Darksyde hopes to eventually offer 14 different attractions on its haunted estate, according to Darksyde's website. In 2010, the attractions included themed mazes the Rusthole and the Catacombs, along with the Dark Abyss, a nautical-themed haunted experience. The people at Darksyde Acres want to immerse you in a story, so count on lots of spooky context to be provided for the scares. However, also be prepared to be grossed out by elaborate makeup effects. In 2010, standard admission to the attraction was $20.

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