Haunted Attractions in Muncie, Indiana

by Ian Farquharson

Muncie, Indiana, has a rich history dating back to the 1800s. Incorporated as a city in 1865, the founders included the Ball brothers, five local industrialists who funded the creation of Ball State University. This educational institution has a haunted reputation, making it one of a variety of locations in Muncie that can provide young and old with a scary Halloween experience.


Halloween attractions that open each year in Muncie include Scarevania Haunted House (scarevania.com). This attraction opened its doors for the first time in 2007 and typically operates during the latter half of October each year. Actors take on the roles of a variety of spooky characters, with the aim of scaring the brave souls making their way through a creepy, darkened haunted house. For those that enjoy their fun with scary thrills, Scarevania provides a great Halloween experience.

The Basement at Muncie Children's Museum

The Muncie Children's Museum (munciechildrensmuseum.com) gets into the Halloween spirit each year by turning its basement into an eerie netherworld, haunted by ghost, ghouls, witches and goblins. The museum has staged its haunted basement since 2005, and anyone making their way through it will experience scares at every turn. While suitable for older kids and adults, younger kids might find it a little too scary. The fee paid goes toward the running of the museum, so visitors enjoy their scares for a good cause.

Haunted Hill

Haunted Hill (no website; 7601 E. Piccadilly Road, Muncie; 765-281-9982) has eerie buildings and trails, which open during October each year for visitors to enjoy a ghostly experience. The story of the haunting revolves around the urban legend of a young girl who committed suicide in the 1950s, which she did by jumping in front of a train in the area. Highlights of the attraction include a pitch-black outdoor maze in the woods. This attraction sits next to the train tracks, and should a train run past, it adds to the thrill.

Ball State University

Ball State University owes its existence to the Ball family, Muncie industrialists that bought the original school in the area and established the university that flourishes today. The history of the facility includes a haunted story. Elliott Hall houses many of the students at the university, and the legend goes that a horribly disfigured World War II veteran studying at Ball State committed suicide after his girlfriend rejected him. Students have reported ghostly hand prints, doors closing on their own and weird noises in Elliott Hall, with these attributed to the ghost of the unfortunate man.

Blood Road

County Road 700, just to the north of Muncie, has gained the nickname "Blood Road" because of its haunted reputation. Driving east along the road is said to reveal blood stains left by a farmer who dragged his son behind his truck in an unfortunate accident.

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