"Harry Potter" Party Ideas for Kids

by Emma Rensch
Dress up your child in a wizard costume.

Dress up your child in a wizard costume.

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Due to the popularity of the "Harry Potter" book and film series, the teenage wizard has become an icon beloved by many children. Giving your child a "Harry Potter"-themed party will provide her with the opportunity to explore her creativity and re-enact one of her favorite media narratives.

Wizards and Witches

Ask children to dress up as wizards and witches to attend your "Harry Potter" party. Make wizard robes from over-sized T-shirts. Encourage children to wear fake beards and participate in party crafts, such as making witch and wizard hats by decorating sheets of construction paper and taping them into cones. Give out wands as party favors. Consider giving children pipe cleaners to use as wands to alleviate the risk of sharp objects. Encourage children to re-enact wizard scenes during the party and cast beneficial spells on one another.

Sorting Hat

An iconic character in the story of "Harry Potter" is the sorting hat, which decides what group students belong in when they first enter Hogwarts. The groups are Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Have guests sit on a stool, one at a time, and place a quirky hat on each attendee's head. Have each child whisper to you what group he wishes to belong to in order to avoid conflict. Announce to the group what house the child has chosen. Design the party around the decisions of the sorting hat, allowing different groups to compete with one another in party games.

Harry Potter Characters

Ask guests to dress up as their favorite "Harry Potter" character. Girls may wish to dress as the female protagonist, Hermione, while boys may wish to dress as Harry or his friend Ron. The Harry Potter story provides children with many options to explore their creativity and let their imaginations wander in choosing which character to emulate. Hold a costume contest and award guests with "wizard cakes" and "witch cookies" for categories such as "most creative" and "most accurate." Try to create a category in which every guest can win.

Magic Battles

The tension in the "Harry Potter" narrative often stems from a battle between good and evil. Set up party games that allow children to compete in epic imaginary battles of wit and skill that mirror the exciting competitions of the "Harry Potter" series, such as duels between Harry Potter and his enemy Voldemort. Harry and his friends also engage in many explorations of the wizard world, including a trip to Diagon Alley. Mirror adventurous and competitive aspects of Harry Potter by sending children on a magic-themed scavenger hunt, asking them to find a dried leaf, a blue marble, a witch's coin or other objects that you hide throughout the house, yard or neighborhood.


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