Help for Hard-to-Learn Dance Steps

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Master hard dance moves and rule the dance floor.

Master hard dance moves and rule the dance floor.

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Dance routines and complex dance patterns often involve learning dance steps that challenge your coordination, memory and physical fitness. Patience and practice are the keys to learning difficult dance steps, and given enough time you will eventually be able to perform all but the most difficult steps. Along the way, several tips and techniques will help you to learn difficult dance steps. They are used by many dance professionals around the world.

Breaking the Move Down

If you are having trouble getting all the way through the move without making a mistake or losing a part of it, break it down into smaller bits. Practice each bit at a time until you can do each bit by itself without making a mistake. Only when you can do each piece flawlessly should you put the bits together and practice the complete move.

Practicing to Slower Music

Many dance routines employ steps that are fast and hard and are set to fast music, making them even harder. When you practice these steps at home, do it to a slower tempo song, which will allow you to build the muscle coordination and mental memorization necessary to learn the step at a slower pace. Practice building up to the fast song by doing the move to progressively faster songs first.

Warming up Properly

Hard dance moves are often physically challenging and require high levels of physical fitness. Implementing a warm-up routine that includes stretching exercises makes you more flexible and able to perform complex maneuvers as well as prepares the joints, muscles and bones for the dance step routine. Workouts like yoga and Pilates also train you to be stronger as well as more flexible and give you a greater sense of balance. Many professional dancers train is these modalities to increase their ability to perform advanced dance moves.

Buying Good Dance Shoes

Dance shoes are designed for maneuverability and stability on the dance floor. Many of the harder and more complex dance moves and steps are very hard to perform in tennis or formal shoes and really need to be done in proper dance shoes. Even at home, practicing in dance shoes will allow you to master advanced steps in a shorter amount of time.

Practicing Immediately After the Lesson

While the lesson is still fresh in your mind, practice the dance steps that you are having trouble with. This will reinforce the muscle and mental memory of the dance moves and help you to retain them in your body and mind.

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