Hannah Montana Party Games for Eight-Year-Old Girls

by Krystal Miller
Miley Cyrus (here with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus) created the Hannah Montana phenomenon.

Miley Cyrus (here with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus) created the Hannah Montana phenomenon.

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Many young girls find Hannah Montana, also known as Miley Cyrus, fascinating and entertaining. When hosting a Hannah Montana birthday party for your 8-year-old daughter, include several games for the girls to play that relate to the popular actor/singer. Award Hannah Montana party favors to all game winners to keep the girls interested in playing the party games.

Trivia Games

Create a trivia game about Hannah Montana for the girls to take. Include questions such as "What is Hannah Montana's real name?," "Name Hannah Montana's best friend" and "Name a song Hannah Montana sings." Give each girl a sheet and award a prize to the girl who can correctly answer all the questions first. For a variation, divide the girls into groups and play the game in teams. You can also ask the questions aloud and award one point for each correct answer. Award a prize to the first team or player to earn five points.

Memory Games

Make a memory game by printing pictures of characters from the Hannah Montana television show. Print two pictures of each character and place the pictures face down on a table. Allow the girls to play a game of memory. The girl who finds the most matches wins the game. For another memory game, place several items, such as a Hannah Montana CD, lip gloss, a hairbrush, a picture of Hannah Montana and a pair of earrings, on a tray. Show the girls the tray and tell them to look at all the items. Take the tray out of the room and remove one item. Bring the tray back in, and the first girl to tell you which item is missing wins the game.

Singing Games

Host a singing competition by having each girl select her favorite Hannah Montana song to sing. Have each girl sing karaoke to her favorite song. Give the girls 10 minutes to practice the song before having to perform it. If the girls feel more comfortable performing with other girls, let them sing in teams or pairs. Award prizes to the best, funniest and most realistic performances. Add to the excitement by having an older teen do the girls' hair and makeup before the performance.

Dancing Games

Have all the girls stand in the middle of the room and dance to a Hannah Montana song. Tell the girls that when the music stops, they must freeze. Any girl caught moving when the music is off is out of the game. The last girl remaining in the game wins. For another dancing game, have the girls divide into teams and make up their own dance routine to a Hannah Montana song. Award prizes for the best and most creative dance.

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